Thursday, March 20, 2014

This and That: light house drive

With the time forwarding one hour in last few weeks, it has been hard for the littler person here in the morning. The sunlight doesn't shine in the window till 8:30 and the rooms keep pretty dim before the littler person leaves the house. It takes a little extra time to let her to wake up and bring up her move to a higher speed.

We lived very closed to the lake; just a few steps walk. We love how we can peak out the windows and observe the lakes and creatures in the surrounding area. The lake opened a few weeks ago and seems get bigger each morning when we drive by. There are flocks swim in the lake, sits in a group, take off as a group. It is interesting to watch their moves and almost dance in the sky. The best of all I love this time/season of the colors; misty and eager to wake up from the long winter gray and dark schemes.

The tree buds are preparing their time for the spring, maybe in a week or two. I can't wait to walk outside more and follow S' bike trail. You know, slowly walk after her and she makes pauses to wait for me to catch up. Time for out and about just makes this spring much excited.

The mind was made yesterday afternoon and I have ordered the background fabric for the {single girl quilt}. Before I made the order, I went through the fabric stashes I have and pick up some low volume prints to accompany {this} print I ordered.  It is a little uncertain about how these background fabric will play together. The one I ordered is floral and these are so much more geometry; I hope will create some nice contrast factors.

A memory quilt is on its way! I hope my friend will like it! It is a random sixteen-patch block from the shirts that her father wore before his passing. Most of the shirts are alike homespun fabric and somewhat was hard to manage the cutting at the first. I used 3/8" seam allowance instead of 1/4" to give leave extra space for open seam ironing.  I plan to meet with her this week and talk about the possible to make this quilt to a 80"x90" instead of 50"x 60". Having this quilt underway, makes my shoulder a bit lighter and I know her family is anxious to have this quilt with them soon.



  1. Your lake is beautiful!
    I live by the ocean and my husband and I took our little jack russel Breezy for a walk in the sunshine today along the seawall.
    So much action on the water to watch!
    I think your background fabric is lovely.
    Great for you making another one!
    Your friend will love the quilt you make.
    Happy Spring to you and S!

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  3. So peaceful. Thanks for sharing these gorgeous images, Chase. Amazed at all the flocks migrating for the change in seasons. It's still very winter like here, but signs of Spring like returning flocks of birds gives me hope that the seasons really are changing.

    Think your background fabric choice will work beautifully.

    Wishing you a lovely weekend, sweet friend,


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