Tuesday, March 25, 2014

quarter inch mark studio: { kin-cha-ku sewing kit}

**quarter inch mark studio exclusive sewing kit; these sewing kits are limited in quantity as I like to keep them special and unique in every aspect. So they will be provided one time only, after sold out will not be able to restock***
If you are interested in any kit, click red text and it will take you to the shop listing. Thank you~ 

{Strawberry Patch}
The selected pinks and floral prints are so inviting! These prints are perfect for some of the soft and delicate strawberry patches that are starting in the backyard in this almost spring season. The a sort of prints are Japanese fabrics and top with some sweet feedsack prints by Widham print~

{Fifi's Attic}
The selected purples, blue prints, and text prints are so retro! Fifi is my sister! Who is elegant and gentle! She has a little "attic" in the corner of her room where she keeps her childhood items in. The pencils from 1988 when dad took the business to Japan, the note pads from 1990 when we took bike ride to the city's stationary shops and we are talking over 10 km distant in bike;  a box of letter that I wrote to her from 1993 to 1997 when she was studying in the US.. so on  These prints perfectly remind me the gentle keeper's memories~  The a sort of prints are from reproduction and Japanese fabric~ 

{Fifi's Attic} Kin-Cha-Ku Sewing Kit, $29

{Posie Garden}
The selected browns and selected yellow prints are so retro and classic! These prints reminded the Summer time when the Posie Garden is full with flowers and the bees are going around to taste the honey dew around the garden. The calm and relax summer days in the backyard pouch where set a pitcher of sun tea and read a book.. perhaps having friends over and watch the sunset!  The a sort of prints are mixed of Japanese retro and reproduction fabrics and top with Darlene Zimmerman's Betty Dear print.

{Posie Garden} Kin-Cha-Ku Sewing Kit, $29

{Apple Orchard }
The selected red and white prints reminded the apple orchard blossoming time and the time to harvest apples in the Fall; passion and inviting~ The prints are selected from the Japanese modern prints and top with the feedsack print by Windham  fabric to give a classic and sweet finish.

{Apple Orchard} Kin-Cha-Ku Sewing Kit, $29   {sold out}

{ Grannie Apples}
The selected greens and selected white prints are so fresh! These prints are perfect for some of the grannie apples you seen from the store; fresh and crunchy! Green is always a color represent new, fresh, energy and the selected white prints echo the greens so well. The a sort of prints are Japanese fabrics and top with Darlene Zimmerman's Betty Dear print.

{Grannie Apples} Kin-Cha-Ku Sewing Kit, $29   {sold out}

****This Sewing Kit includes:

- 22 pages Step by Step instructions with over 60 full colors photos in PDF pattern. After purchase the sewing kit, the PDF pattern will email to your paypal email address within 24 hours and the sewing kit will be send via regular postal mail.

{ Please note: A PDF reader is required, as this is a PDF file. If you don’t have one, Adobe Reader can be downloaded online}.

- A pack of 56 pieces of precut prints to make one Kin-cha-ku

- Two pieces of 10”x10” lining fabric

- One pieces of 3.5”x9” channel fabric

- Two pieces of 20” linen waxed string

You will need to have your own

-two pieces of 10"x10" 100% cotton batting
-sewing Machine
-a small safety pin
-ironing board
-spray adhesive {multi-purpose}
-rotary cutter
-water base pen/ b-gone pen
-100% cotton hand-sewing thread
-hand-quilting thread
-basting needle:long needle
-between needle: #9/#10
-Thimble: leather/plastic/metal ( your preference)
-Hera Marker by Clover

Here is something that I like to share with you:

For many years to come, I have been sewing for passion, sewing for love ones, sewing for good causes, sewing to bring additional support to our little family and it makes our life journey extra homey and memorable. Between the life transitional times, I have questioned myself many times, can I possible turn this life journey around; perhaps take it more seriously about the sewing and turn it into an official one-woman patchwork studio to keep our life running; indeed, I. procrastinated!

For weeks and for months of doubting myself and wondering around... Then a very small voice speak to me; try it!  So,  here I am writing my very first official pattern for the {shop}; photographing, editing, revising, arranging page layout, and cutting all the kits for people who love the patchwork style that shared here. I am quiet nervous about it, but at the same time I am excited about it. I have started the second pattern in the computer for April and have been testing the pattern and third one in the sketchbook and fourth one also underway.  It is not a top secrete away from you, but it does take lots courages to prepared myself to get ready and take extra confidents to write to you about this path that I am taking at this moment.

Most of the tutorials shared here involved lots photos as I am a very much visual learner when it comes to sewing and fix machines. Learning to sew is not difficult, but when using the words to guild the sewing phases sometimes is not as easy as with detail photos to support the descriptions. Like every tutorial, the {kin-cha-ku sewing pattern} comes with over 60 step by step full colors photos and simple easy to follow instructions and also tips share along with the steps. It has total of 22 PDF pages.  I also share how to resize the pattern with clear diagram in the pattern.

Thanks to the wonderful, S aka studio assistant. She has been a wonderful model for all the handmade items for the shop and thanks her smile makes these shoots sweet and special~

I, thank you for all the great supports!



  1. I am very excited for you and wish you the best of luck. I just ordered one of your bags, I am looking forward to making it.

  2. Wishing you success in your new endeavor! I've always loved your bags and look forward to making one.

  3. Yaaay, I just ordered one, too! Been loving the ones you've been showing us over these many months. Best of luck to you and S!

  4. what a fantastic idea Chase. How wonderful. I wish you all the success and best of luck.

  5. A great pattern and kit, beautifully presented!

  6. Chase, i'm so excited, i've just ordered one of your kits! I'm a big fan of your work for a while, and i have learned so much with you. It wil be such a delight to make this project. It will be a kin-cha-ku made in Portugal! I wish you all the best a lots of success.

  7. Wow best of luck Chase. It can be done xxx

  8. Tried to comment on your September post, but there was no comments link yet for some reason. Keep up the fight, talking about it is the first step. You've gone through a lot of changes. It's easy for them to overwhelm you. Keep talking and blogging, we've missed you. CDahlgren at live dot com


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