Monday, March 17, 2014

Spring talk

I am back! Thank you SO much for accompanied me for last few weeks' almost wordless posts. I miss having good conversation with you. There are a lot of good happenings here, but also some pauses that we made between times, I have been under the weather from time to time, I called it spring virus and surely didn't prepare for it at all. My moves were slower, but always thought when the sun came in the window each day, I will feel another level better.

Then indeed, my time at the studio gets longer each day! There are a lot of sewing, cutting, small patchwork projects, and hand-quilting are going around the studio space. Listen to old favorite radio station, play almost same songs over and over. Drink a small pot of fresh brew coffee to awake the slow moving bugs, pulling fabric out, finishing up some promising projects, cross of to do list and feel accomplished each day and making some good moves! Indeed the good ones!

My friend {Maggie} came to us in May 2013 in a small kit. She travelled from OR to ND to Japan to Taiwan, to Taxes, then here in the Midwest. Each time, when I pull her out from the package, I said to myself, I'll sit down and make Maggie, but the motivation level wasn't there, so she waited another few months.  Finally, she came alive two weekendings ago. She is adorable and delightful to make and I have ordered more felt to make more Maggie to send away.  Let's say, I am planning ahead for  Christmas this year. My Maggie loves to travel, so she has a little messenger bag and another bag that I am making for her to take on her trips!

Well, it might sound hilarious ridiculous! But, I made Lucky a backpack! It is a so over due gift for him! As you might remember Lucky hops on scooter to take rides. Sometimes, we travelled off the city limited and we often forget to bring treats for him. I've always told Lucky, I'll make you a backpack, so you can bring your own little treats.  Before made this backpack, I have made one and totally failed in the dimension. When I show it to my sister via Skpye she commended Lucky will need to lose at least 5 pounds before he can fit in then my sister remeasured him again and found out he is 1.5" wider than he was last year.  With the new measurement that tells us something, he is being spoiled not just by us, but many of us!

To accompany the little grocery tote I made a few weeks back, I though an apple tree might be fun! This apple tree is made with wool and felt blended.  I love how these textures apply to the apples and though the little girl might be able to count her apples from the tree and learn a bit of colors as well.  I miss making felt toys for little children as I used to make them for S when she was a wee toddler.  The alphabet book might have been the one that I miss making the most!

Remember the presentation I gave awhile ago? S brought back a pack of thank you cards from school. I read through each card and amazed how much the students have enjoyed the presentation which was about my home-country and culture.  Each card made my smile bigger and felt that sharing is indeed positive and good cause!

I have purposely building the reproduction fabric stashes here. It is a collection for making the {single girl quilt}! The background fabric is still in search, but I have my eye on {this print} and {this print} for a few days now.  I hope to make my mind soon, so I can start making it and send it oversea before we pack up.

And lots felt works are happening here as well! I am in love of making miniature works lately! Tiny stitches in tiny sizes!  I am still playing around the ideas and adding lots new sketches each day before bedtime and studio time. I used some of sketch ideas and combine with new freelance idea as I work on them.

As you can tell, I am indoor a lot more than I used to! This winter has gotten a bit long and the spring isn't truly arrived. You know, S even attempted to ride on the bike in a bit of {snowy} afternoon and kept telling me it is so nice out.. come and play; then I waved to her from the window and watch flocks taking their moves and wondering if they are ready for their next destination.

Lately,  I've found the joy of being myself in the studio and working quietly throughout the day.  Working towards some ideas and making them come true, making few phone calls to greet some friends that haven't get in touch since we moved away, scheduling doctor visits for S,  pull out papers and pens to write in letter format rather quick emailing, getting fabric stashes organized, transfer sketches into digital images, and of course to get better!

Oh.. It's only Monday and hope I didn't talk too much in a day, since I plan to talk more later..



  1. Love read your story , make me feel like I am your next neighbor :) every thing are so cute here... And look your fabrics are growing ... it's such a good feeling to see those beautiful stack.. like a rainbow if I can say :) have a wonderful spring break dear..

  2. What a lovely post . . . Your little rabbit, all decked out for spring, looks adorable.
    You have created such a wonderful blog.
    Happy St. Paddy's Day!
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)

  3. Love all your beautiful projects, Chase. I'm glad to hear you're getting better. Hopefully spring will show up soon and you'll be able to get outdoors a lot more.


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