Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Time Table

Time is walking faster than I really like these days. Just let me say, a little crazy...   So let me back few days, few months... 

{Townsquare Pillow Sewing Pattern} 
Thank you so... so much for loving the Townsquare Pillow sewing pattern. I am just so happy that you love the sewing pattern and tried the pattern and came back to tell me how you love and enjoy patterns you purchased. It is a super cute pattern and I am making a quilt using the pattern which I hope soon I will be able to share more later on. 

{Christmas/Holiday of 2017} 
It was a late start for me this time. The little handmade holiday cards was delay and still a few have not been posted still... oh, I didn't manage well this time. 

Christmas was pretty amazing for us! We went into the city on the 24th evening. We first got off 5th Ave- Bryant Park and and took time walked all the way down to Macy's (34th ave). It was cold (not for midwestern) and raining then it was soon turning into snows. By the time, we walked to time square, it was SNOWING! Christmas cannot be without snow for some reason. The charming Macy's window displays were just melted my heart and still in believe of Christmas miracle. 

Of course, the traditional Christmas breakfast started late and the Buche de Noel  that I followed from the receipt was perrrrfect! It was something new for us this year. The lightly made cake and the rich frosting were just awesome together. I would need to double up the cream next time. We had it for the afternoon tea time and and dinner desert. Oh, and lots tea cups time for sure! 

My woolie blanket that made when we still in Grand Forks is just an awesome cozy for the wintery days. My knitting is going super slow now a day! I set a small goal to finish the cowl by the end of February, so I can cast on for a new shawl, which I think will be just a simple pattern. 

It was a productive and amazing year! I have reached my goal of learning to knit and I pretty much knitted something for dear friends this holiday. I think they probably find little oops between each rows(ha). I truly have enjoyed this new knitting journey and met so many knitter friends and getting so many tips from them. From learning how to select yarns, reading knitting patterns, where to find good knitting supplies! Oh, and started a little yarn stash (best), too! 

In 2017, I have dedicated new ideas to design and write sewing patterns. It really have fulfilled my creative journey and encouraged me to share more sewing ideas and learn to be a better pattern writer. However, without your support all these cannot be happen! Thank you for all the kindly comments and messages and your works that made by my patterns. They are all gorgeously made and one of a kind from you! 

{Penny, the girl} 
Penny is my niece, who travelled with papa last summer to states and we've travelled over 3000 miles together and been to so many states is diagnosed Lymphoma cancer in stage four.  We learned about this news just 2 days after Christmas. I am still in the state of shocking about this news and it has been devastating in our family. 

Penny is just a 15 year old girl who is quite funny and charm. I think she is the kind of kid that we called smarty pants here. Smart and confident in every way! She has started the chemo therapy two weeks ago and the first lab report after chemo wasn't as good as doc hope for. There's a lot more details that I actually don't have and can only get few text message from Fifi time to time. 

At this time as you read, I have boarded the direct flight and to be with my family and this is the first time I am fear to go home! The uncertainty and the mind are taking over my little family these days. I can't tell you how scare I am to go, but I know it is important that I just need  be with them. Holding my mama's hand and hand out my hands to be helpful.  

{quarter inch mark 2018} 
I will not be able to come back here for a little while and postpone all the plans for 2018 and more. I am not sure when I will return to states as my return ticket is an open ticket this time. I selfishly ask you to pray for Penny, the girl. Wish things will turn around for her and hope the next two weeks chemo has improvements and we will be able to have a matched hematopoietic stem cell within our family. 

Until then... 



  1. Sending thoughts and prayers your way on your journeys and hopes and wishes for the healing of your family.

  2. Penny and your family are in my prayers.

  3. So saddened by your news. Prayers for Penny and your family.

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  5. I see the Penny quilt and it is lovely. Such sad news about your niece. Safe travels.

  6. What an upsetting end to 2017. I will pray for your niece, Penny, and her family, and will ask my friends at church to pray, too.

    I have missed your posts, and was going to write a note to let you know. Then I saw your post this morning, and I was so happy to see you again. I am so sorry for the news about your niece, and I pray things turn around for her.

  7. I love seeing your beautiful makes. They always so inspire me to create. I am so sorry about your niece. I really hope things turn around for her. Sending prayers and good wishes your way. xoxo.

  8. May your visit bring comfort and hope to your family. Know that many of us out here on the internet will hold thoughts of you and Penny and your family very close to our hearts. Godspeed. xo

  9. I will pray for your niece, Penny. By the time you read this, I hope you have arrived safely and are providing comfort and love to yr family.

  10. Oh I am so sorry to hear about your beloved niece. Warm thoughts and prayers sent her way and to you and your family. Hope to hear good news soon. Fondly, Becky

  11. Prayers for you and your family and wishes for your safe travel.

  12. I have been reading your blog for years but never commented (I don't think). I treasure your sweet pictures and I love the charm you bring to your work. I am so terribly sorry to hear the news about your niece and I hope there is some good news for you soon.

  13. I am so sorry to read about Penny and I hope there is good news in store for your family. I love all the precious things you have made and taken the time to document and share with the world. You are inspiring.

  14. Sending prayers and hugs to you and your family, Chase. Will be keeping you all in my thoughts and am so thankful that you are there with your family.

  15. I think of you from time to time, and wonder how you and your family are doing. I hope you have been able to work on some little creative projects to lift your spirit during the difficukt times. You are not forgotten

  16. I'm personally a big fan of quarterinchmark blog. Thanks for sharing this post.

  17. It is one year later. I would like to know how Penny is? Did she survive? Also, I hope you will revive your blog from where ever you are living. I so enjoyed your sewing/quilting projects and your food.

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