Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Hana Patchwork Cushion

Would you like to come and have a cup of tea with me? That would be really special; especially in the early afternoon and I'd have some delicious shortbread cookies around and scones,too. Gosh, I ran out of homemade jams and maybe you can bring yours to share.  I will have patchwork cushions made for each chair and probably make all the placemats for each. I'll bring out precious tea set that Julie got me two Christmas ago, Fine hand-painted China tea pot and cups.  Sounds good?

I have this Hana patchwork Cushion made last week and waited for the pillow insert to arrive this week. If you followed me over Instagram Story last week {the last few photos that I snapped from the phone}, you know that I was pretty excited about putting this patchwork piece together.

I planned on making the cushion in a scrappy style and though simple tiny patchwork would be perfect. I particularly love earthy tone lately, so decided to go with more brown and wood colors for the patchwork piece. As I went through the scrap boxes I picked out mostly browns, dirt black, yellows, greens and just few blue tones to give some fun factors to the patchwork.  Each tiny patchwork is cut in 1" strips then 2" wide.

I didn't second myself to hand quilt this patchwork piece, as I think the recipient would treasure  these tiny stitches.  Since, I have a piece of unbleached muslin in the back for the patchwork it got a little thicker and bulky to hand quilt on. I tried to give even stitches so it has consistency look and nice texture!

For the cushion backing, I used a chestnut brown linen for the backing. I love how linen gives a nice and elegant finish look and touch for the cushion. Also it is very soft and just match the patchwork top nicely! It finished a little larger than 16"x16". I used a 18"x18" pillow insert to make it puffy look.

You can find Hana Patchwork tutorial {here}. The only modification that I made was I kept the tiny patchwork pieces in rows and didn't turn it in a diagonal direction. For hand quilting tutorial, you can find {here}.

I love rainy days for making tiny patchworks now. The rain seriously pour hard on the thunderstorm days.  It is not the best kind of afternoon for quick grocery run, but guess what? I made the quick run for grocery that afternoon, betweens rains. I had a large umbrella accompanied me, and totally think a pair of rain boots would really help out in the places that got flooded.

These days, it is just beautiful in Big Apple City! Today is the last day of school for my S, so late! I see her is ready for school break and getting ready for some sleep in time.

More later...



  1. Love the patchwork cushion and your story! Rain over here in the Netherlands too.....time to take some scraps....

  2. It is gorgeous. Love the pattern, the fabrics, the handquilting.

  3. I am in awe of this beautiful art work! Love the earthy tones and the quilting? Perfection!! You do such lovely patchwork...thanks for the story and the "tease" on instagram...haha, I was WAY OFF on my guesses as to what you were making...Please know your works inspire so many people. Thanks again...P

  4. I love it! Very beautiful made as well!

  5. Gorgeous !! It remainds me one quilt from the Lisa Bergene book

  6. Looks wonderful.Glad to see you are back in the blogging world. I am glad you are adjusting to your cross country move. Change can be difficult. Luckily we are resilient.

  7. I love this post. How lovely it would be to have tea together! Alas I am an Aussie living in Italy! I may pop over and do your tutorial your post is so inspiring! Thank you!!! No rain here just a heatwave, boohoo! Thanks so much for sharing looking forward to your next post!

  8. It is such a beautiful treasure! Your hand stitching is incredible, and I love the scrappiness of this pillow.


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