Wednesday, June 7, 2017

From Ocean Wave...+ a pillow

The pillow inserts arrived before the weekend. I was able to insert it into the new pillow I made from the {Scrappy Style Ocean Wave Quilt} and show it to Julie.  The pillow turns out really nice and was quilted on the new sewing tool that I recently purchased.

I went for a genetic walking foot that actually is doing pretty great job on straight quilting and give a nice even stitches. I've really enjoy how I can walk in curve lines and the pieces are not being shift.  I test on a couple pieces and adjust space between lines which is lovely! It actually was tricky to put on the walking foot the first few times and now I've gotten quicker. It took a few try and fail to find the proper stitch length for it. I used 3.5 m.m. when use walking foot for machine quilting.  

The Ocean Wave quilt's backing is not ready, but the machine quilting pattern has already pick out. I am still working on ideas of the quilt backing and decided if I need to go something bold and versatile or something simple since the quilt top is already complex on its own. Maybe a little bit of both? I have to admitted that the quilt backing is a different process for me over the time...

Anyhow, the pillow!! Don't you love how the remaining scraps turned into something fun? I had originally though I could use the scraps to make two pillow shames for standard pillow, but it was only enough for making one 16"x16" square pillow.

The pillow top was quilted 1/4" away from the seam in a diagonal direction first then stitched straight up and down closed to the seam. For the binding, I went to the scrap bin and pick out a couple pieces of 2.5" wide stripes (narrow down to 2.25" wide) and joined them together to make the length enough for the pillow. For the backing, it was an old scrip print from Michael Miller Fabric (2011?).

For the pillow closure style, I didn't think envelop style was the one that I am aiming for. As I was in NOHO a few weeks ago, I went in a Crate and Barrel store and was checking in their pillow section. I love so many zipper closure styles they have there and came home try a few and love this one the most. So, I called it a C.B. pillow closure style!

The pillow inserts that I purchased is from {here}. The pillow insert  puffs up nicely and  I would say medium firm. Now, I am looking forward to accomplish the quilt soon!



  1. its such a lovely idea to start using my scrappy fabrics too ... your pillow look gorgeous, and always loves the way you taking pictures Chase

  2. Your pillow looks professional and you did a great job on the zipper. I am looking forward to seeing the finished quilt.

  3. Beautiful, as always. You have such a great sense of color and style.

  4. Love the pillow...beautiful! I use my walking foot all the time, even if I'm not quilting. I like the even seams and the continuous feed it provides.


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