Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Weekending: You make me, Smile!

Remember that I had made another Travel Outbound bag for another dear friend, the one with brown and sweet button print in the front.  Well, I also made one for myself used the vintage bias tape print , the one stuffed with sewing supplies, tools, pens, notepads, needle book. This is my newest sewing bag and love it so much!

Last weekend was a blissful weekend and lots traveling for me. I had a getaway sewing weekend with a dear friend, Jackie. I left early and thought I'd avoid the morning traffic, but it still took me an hour or so to get through Geo Washington Bridge/ Cross Bronx Expressway. I enjoyed the drive to the west and arrived in Pennsylvania a little past 10 in the morning. We had good coffee in late morning, ate pastry that she prepared, and a tour that in her home. It is so lovely to see someone's creative space in person and see where they create their beautiful works.

Later in the morning, we travelled together to Intercourse in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Oh, I wished I had remember to bring my camera with me, but it was left out in the workroom back home. I snapped these photos with the phone. It was so special for me to see this part of the country. It is pretty, charm, and peaceful! Seeing some buggies and horses running on the roads and learning the new culture in the area. It is an open eye experiences.

We stopped a few fabric stores, fabric barns, and seeing all the Amish quilts is such a treat for me. These Amish quilts are so elegant! Every bit of hand quilting stitches bring out so much that labor of love within! I touched them and felt that special hand stitch by someone! Wouldn't it be so awesome to have a chance to see them work on quilt together someday?

Have you have Shoofly pie? I bought a Shoofly Pie home and YUM! It is not too sweet and not too sticky to the teeth! Next time, when I visit again I'd love to try the Whoopie pie. All the pastry looks so delicious and some of the hand woodworks are gorgeous!

Thrifting was another plan that I asked her if we could go before I visit her. I managed found two nice size pie pans, the one is less deep and great for making summer pies. I almost wanted to bring home a little bedside table, but letting that go as the space is limited around here at this moment.  The countryside driving was so much to remember as I haven't been in the country for awhile. Oh, Best!

The sewing times were fun and not as productive as I am alone in the workroom! But I love that we stop and visit/chat from time to time. We indulged the time together and sharing sewing tips to  each other! I stopped sewing to hang out with new fur friends that I made this past weekend. Aren't they the cuties?

It feels really special that I could actual hand all the things that I made for her in person! It made the trip extra meaningful and sweet. There are just things that I love about the creative community that I am in and people that I made cross over from the different platforms. Kindness friendship, encouraging days, and I'd say the most unique part is we all have something that we love and appreciate together!

Sewing trips can never go without stops in local fabric stores. See the little Santa and vintage floral fabrics? They will be table runners soon, both ends need to stitch up before I put away for the holiday. Lots reproduction prints were found in really bargain price and two of us could share the print together.

In the sewing weekend, I started a new quilt that used court step block that I drew from the Illustrator. I also managed to made a few fuzzy cuts for economy blocks and hope to finish few more before make into a mini quilt, more in later post.

This was my first sewing weekend with a friend and it was really special and one of a kind weekend! Have you gone a sewing weekend with friends? I thought that I might pack more than needed, but surely will do a better for next time. A few more sewing supplies that could added to the Travel Outbound Bag, such as a mini cutting mat, mini squared ruler... the list goes on!




  1. What a lovely trip . . . so much to see and enjoy.
    Have a wonderful week,
    Connie :)

  2. Your weekend looked wonderful with a little bit of everything packed into it 👍🏻

  3. such a wonderful trips, never know about weekend sewing with friends .. what a great idea... I love all your pictures..

  4. Lovely trip! I enjoyed it with you. We live close to Farmer's Markets and see these scenes unfold around us, all the time. The country side and slower pace is wonderful. If we need to go into the city, I'm always glad when we leave it behind again :). Enjoy all of your new purchases!

  5. I hate to break the Amish quilt bubble--yes,the quilts are beautiful. But sadly most of them are sent out to be hand-quilted. There are a number of immigrants to the area (from an African-based country) that are known for their sewing skills and they do the quilting. Some of the quilts will be tagged --quilted locally--or something similar and this is who they are referring to. An article about this appeared in a quilting magazine several years ago. It doesn't diminish the beauty or the quilting--but it is a fact that is not well-known.

  6. I had the GREAT pleasure of spending the time with Jackie, Leila ( @needleanddime) and Karen (@sewpeachey) last summer! What a LOVELY bunch of girls...We had the BEST time and I hope to go again this summer! Maybe you can join us in Callicoon NY for a little visit!!! Hugs to you sweet Chase!!



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