Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Slow Patch

{Ocean Wave Quilt}

{12th birthday quilt}

{another Travel Outbound Bag, made for workroom. stored with all the sewing tools}

{knit row 1, purl row 2; repeat till finish}

{Ocean Wave Quilt}

It has been a few months since I work on the Ocean Wave quilt. It is so satisfied seeing this quilt blocks finally coming together.  Actually I almost give up forwarding the process as it has quite a bit of trimming and seam allowance pressing. I leave it alone and bring it out when I have a day, like snowy day or rainy day. So, it has been an in-between project for me. 

Last two Saturdays were snowing around the here. The first Saturday had a good 5 inches snow fall on the ground.  It started to snow around 7 in the morning and didn't stop till late at night. That morning, I walked six blocks away to get a cup of medium size coffee as my coffee beans have been out for weeks. I though I'd be the only one out there getting the coffee, but it is not! The cafe is full with no empty seating. I saw more people were out and about and it was a new experience for me holding a cup of hot coffee and walking in a snowy day home.  

I was able to finished eight more large patchwork blocks for the quilt top and that completed 18 large patchwork blocks. There will be another 12 large blocks to finish before I can assemble the whole quilt top together! 

For a little fun math factor, I math out the HSTs I have made into blocks so far and though you love to know.  Each large patchwork block takes 56 HSTs (half square triangles) and I have completed 18 blocks that would be 1008 HSTs finished ( in the photo) then when I finish all that would be 1680 HSTs. I have started thinking quilting, backing and binding fabric. It might look fun with scrappy binding and maybe some nice simple print for the backing! The quilt really is slowly coming nice together. It will be closed to a queen size measurement! 

{Birthday Quilt}

I have finally basted an overdue birthday quilt for my S, who will be turning into a teen in a few weeks. I have had all the intention to finish this quilt last Fall after I return from my trip, but it got push down the calendar again, again and again! 

I am ready to start quilting anytime these days! I always though pick up backing fabric comes easy and quick, but the reality is not! I have been trying to use what I have in the stash and the prints will go well with the quilt. Then getting the message embroidered on the backing for the date and birthday wishes... 

For the next birthday quilt,  I though I'd try a reverse apporach which is finding the backing fabric and getting message embroidery on before I start the quilt top. There are colors have been mentioned and ideas have been share about the it. I have started thinking about the quilt design and will try to use fabrics I have before need to purchase additional material for the quilt.  

{The knitting}

Ok, it is terrible look from the bottom five inches knitted section, as I mistakenly putting the yarn on wrong side needle when I knitting purls. I though about restart again, but it was the 4th attempts, so I decided to let go and started thinking it is not going to be perfect, but a good start!! I though I'd make a knit bag for myself, so I can take it with me when I travel in the city. The linen is a light weight  {purchased in Grayline Linen} and has a nice soft texture to it! I like to make knit bag in 12"x12" size. It is nice roomy bag for two skeins of yarn and a pair of knitting needles. I have also look up the next project which is a {Madelinetosh Honey Cowl} . Last night,  I watched tutorials on some of the knitting stitches on youtube and though I'd give it a try. My goal to knit a pair of socks might really come true this year! {fingers crossed}

{Thank YOU, Thank You} 

{Thank You So Much} for your enthusiasm and support of {Travel Outbound Bag Sewing Pattern} and the sewing kits are sold out! I am incredibly thrilled to see some Travel Outbound Bags show up in the Instagram last few days. Every one of them has its personality and really unique in many ways! The colors and trims that being used and I love see all different binding fabric that wrap up this Outbound Bag.  All the positive and encourage feedback of this pattern really are appreciate it!  

From the bottom of my heart, Thank You! 

My hope for next few days is getting the birthday quilt quilted then have it ready before the birthday arrives. Then getting all the mini birthday notes made, this year I'll make thirteen of them and have. It has bee a nice birthday traditional that we started 7 years ago.  

until then.. 

Happy Day 




  1. So glad to get your updates. The quilt is beautiful and those muffins look pretty good as well.
    Keep sharing your sewing projects and your life stories, please.

    1. Sandra,

      Thank you! The muffins are blueberry muffins and is a fav. of mine! :)

  2. HSTs scare me but fascinate me all at the same time lol
    Yours are joyful!

    1. Oh! It was for me a few years ago. But, now it is one of my very fav. sewing blocks/layouts.
      I hope you give you a go some day!

  3. I am mesmerized by the glimpses of the quilt you're making for S. It's glorious, Chase! You have such an incredible eye for combining fabrics and I can see that this quilt is no exception. Excited to see it's progress and always happy to read your posts. Glad you enjoyed the snow! Happy making, sweet friend. xo

    1. Katherine,

      Thank you! It is always fun to play with colors in fabrics! The quilt has been waiting for me to start! I just need to find time to sit down and start quilting! :) xc


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