Thursday, March 3, 2016

Scraps Player Quilt + a quilt along!

{finished 68"x66"}

It was last night, I made last stitched on the binding! S walked to me, and said, You finished the quilt ALREADY! oh, I was very fulfilled and proud of myself! It feels kinda silly for this whole making a quilt in a week and you need to know that this is not planned quilt! It just click on me like I must have that fabric!!

The love of this quilt is growing on me over last few days! It is not perfect, you know! You could see the edges of the quilt is not perfectly squared and the stripes is not perfectly straight. Honestly, all I was thinking was making this quilt!  My arms are so sore this morning by all the free-motion quilting. This time, I tried many new patterns on the quilt. It took a good 6 hours to quilt on a lap size quilt. It is also heavy as there are so many stitch lines all over the quilt.

Do you think it looks like a bit of pixelated image from a distance? It is really interested to see that I do use a lot of red when I sew, and lots of whites and blues! I am not surprised with all blue and whites, but reds? {laugh}

For the backing, I digged into some of really old prints from the 2010 and 2011. I found interestingly that fabric made that time has slightly wax in them, it feels like a little waxy! I went ahead and use them! So, my trip to the local fabric store was so not necessary this Tuesday, since I came home with few spool of threads only.

For the binding, it was purchased from an IG destash! It was in my to-go basket, but then I went back bring it back and though it is perfect for this quilt! I  heart and love how Rita at {Red Pepper Quilt} using black and white strips for her signature quilt bindings.

Alright, I need to jump right in this quilt along here! First, I like to give a big shut to Bonnie whom reminded me of the {pack patch quilt along} that she enjoyed a few years back and as I was working on this quilt I though I need not to procrastinated too much about everything and just have some fun to host another sewing along!

So, I am hosting a new sew along called {Scraps Player Quilt Along}. However, I have set this quilt along to a private group over Flickr. This quilt along is only going to take 15 days and by the end of the 15th day, you shall have a quilt quilted and bounded!

The goal for this quilt along is lighten or even empty out the scrap bins that have sitting around too long and being ignored!  I often think that I will come back to them, but likely the scraps start building up and overwhelm around the studio space!

Again, this quilt along is going to take 15 days! I found a long-term quilt along wears some of the interest out quick. So, if you up for making a quilt in 15 days challenge, you could send me your email or Flickr ID, so I will send you an invitation on this quilt along.

Here are the rules that you need to agreed before you sign up this quilt along:

- Committed finish Scraps Player Quilt in 15 days
- Using only scraps only
- No commercial products selling in this group
- Be encouraging each other
- Meet new friends, if you like to do a swap please set it as a private swap.
  We'll not hosting a group swap.
- Have fun! Tons for fun!
- Be spontaneous about this quilt along!

If you are up for challenge and love to join this quilt along, please leave me your email or Flickr Id in the comment form, only. The comment form is open till March 4th, 10 a.m central time. We will kick off the quilt along on March 5th.  and finish on March 20th. It will went by pretty quick and I suspect some of you might finish in a week term.

Alright! See you over at {Scraps Player Quilt along}



  1. Hi i would like to join you. Tahelistein at

  2. I would love to join in! My scrap bin(s) are overflowing;-)

  3. Would love to join as well! pieceatlast at

  4. Would love to join. Flickr is stampqnjlr

  5. I would like to join also. flickr is amy york1

  6. count on me ... (wow, I'm so brave this is my first time ever join to the crowd) :p

  7. I have too many scraps !!!! I really should join (:
    flickr isabellambandwolfie

  8. Did you do different quilting or the same all over the quilt? I really like your quilt!

  9. If love to join in Chase. My Pack Patch pillow is one of my most favourite things I've made! I'm wooden spoon on Flickr.

  10. I would love to join in too.... My email is I have a huge scrap box that needs digging into.... Your work and blog are so lovely 😀 xx

  11. I want to join! I'm Chiska2 on Flickr My e-mail is Chiskag @ gmail dot com

  12. Alas, I am traveling and without my scraps so won't be able to join up. But I do love the idea of making a quilt in 15 days, instead of 15 years!!
    Also, I love your scrap quilt. The binding reminds me of an airmail envelope. It would be great to use in a quilt with a travel theme or for a faraway friend.
    Will I be able to see the progress of the quiltalong if not participating? I would love to be able to follow the progress.