Monday, December 7, 2015

Making patchwork way...

The package arrived last week. It was a bit trouble getting it, but it is here! I waited till S to get home and took photos of her sitting on top of package then sent the photos to Fifi. It is a tradition we do here, ever since S was 2. The package seems a bit smaller now { as she is a bigger girl now}, but the content of cares and thoughts are always grater than the package itself!

Did you know?? The so so thoughtful gift that Fifi got me?! It is a fountain pen with my name engraved on the cap! I can't tell you how much I love this pen when I open it the other day! It is such a smooth pen to write with and always have been one of things that in the my pocket list that I have wished to find one for myself! I have been using the new pen since it arrived! I, so careful when I get the cap off the pen then so careful to put it back on.  I was so nervous when S was taking the cap off! I kept telling her, would you please be so careful? would you please?

As always there are lots goods in the package; gifts, cards, snacks from nieces and families. Mom's {good for you} soup base and all sort of little things that we so miss! We've got snacks for this winter than we'll get another package in the spring for the spring then summer! Those care packages always fuel us up and we kinda depend on them four-season long!

In last couple of years, we've tried different way of advent calendar. Oh, none of them work quiet well for us! This year, we are trying something new and fun! I took two pieces of good watercolor paper then sew the grid lines on the paper then stamp the dates and made it into a December calendar. Each day, we would draw a little image on as we go on! Not much time is required, maybe 5 minutes or less for a little calendar day. It has been great since we started.  I though it would be a fun new tradition for us and would be a nice little drawing to frame up someday? or a little holiday record for us?

I am a bit embarrassed, but I've been shopping for little cardboard houses in bargain prices. Oh, I know, it is funny how I got into all these village houses last two years. Nothing fancy, just little cardboard houses and lots miniture trees. They make everything twice cozy around here! I have plan to make some cardboard houses when the time slow down! When I was an art student in high school, I used to build these cardboard houses for my interior design class. It has been too long and will probably take a very time time to refresh the concepts and skills. I would really love to build a village of my own, so I could bring all my neighbors/ friends with me! It would be perfect to build a fabric ware house right next to the house I live {smile}! I shouldn't go on about this village houses because it would be way too long of a post... {giggle}!

The last batch of the needle-books and pin-cushions are almost ready! Each set is unique on its own and the lining fabric is all different as I really would like them to stand on its own! I am really proud of how they turn out! Lots little hand-quilting and ladder stitches for all the closures. I hope you'll like them as much as I do!

There are limited colors; four pinks, four yellows, four blues, four greens, two reds, one purples, two browns, one feedsack, one Liberty London, one grays, then a few more sets are matched colors.  Just little bit of everything!

I'll be listing them later in the {shop} this week and will write a post for it.  I will do a short preview with you if you miss the IG posts that I made.  There will be a sum up post for it! Stay turn!

{Thank You} for all the kindly comments from the last post! You all made me feel great about the places that I have been in and life we made here! I do hope that each quilt that I made comes with a memory, a reason and a why! I like all the good stories when my friends told me about their family quilts and hope someday my quilts will become family stories as well! I do believe though, everything gets better each day and some days it is ok to be arrgh!  



  1. Love your advent calender's so much!!!❤❤❤🎄🎄🎄

  2. Love your advent calender's so much!!!❤❤❤🎄🎄🎄

  3. Love your pen - it reminds me of the days when I learned to write shorthand. What a neat idea for an advent calendar. Enjoy making your little village - special!

  4. Lovely post - and I love tiny cardboard houses!


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