Monday, December 28, 2015

Eleven patchwork things!

Oh, I have eleven patchwork things that I would like to share....

#1  I went through all the boxes in the studio and decided no long to ignore these embroidery flosses They have been sorted into colors and stored back to the container again.  Um, not much improvement, but it is nice to know what is there now. I would like to find a better way to organize them, it would be ideal to find containers that provides long compartment storage units, so each color could find a space on its own.

#2  In the w.i.p. stash, I found this collaborated mini quilt that S and I work together in our last N.D. year.  I plan on  finish the other side of embroidery and hand-quilt the mini. It would be a nice mini to add on to S' wall space for the new year to come! Lots little drawings that she made and very special to her. Yes, they are all animals, if you know her so well.

#3  The sashiko stitch cloth that could get some more attentions on! I love blue and white contrast in any prints and dinnerwares! It reminds me so much of the simplicity, calm, and quietness. It was planned for a mini quilt, but I think I'll round it up with the back cloth and use it for to cover top of my summer basket.

 #4 Cross stitch; the alphabet has finished a long time ago, but it would use a nice frame to let it shine a bit. It has been laying round for too long and it needs to be check off from the list soon! The little welcome piece is not so ready. Oh, the pattern is not where to be found! I so hope my dear friend still has the copy, so I could finish it up.

 #5 The advent calendar has been filling up daily, likely! There was a day or two that we just didn't make it to the table, but we made it all the way through the 27th now.  We've decided to finish it up for the month of December. It has been a really fun project for us! Simple and truly enjoyment!

 #6  Some kind and lovely package arrived in our mail box for the holiday! The package just made it on time to place under the tree! I can't say enough about these apple prints! There are new projects in mind for them, but I think I'll wait for a little while longer before getting into them.

 # 7  There are only a few days left for 2015. In the past, it doesn't seem very important to look back what I have accomplished, but this year as I've started the daily planner. It changed my mind and attitude about the day, week, and month! I wrote down little bits of everything; weather, food, good day, what project started and accomplished, etc. Well, it really works for me to track on all the daily basis! I am excited to get on 2016 planner soon! I found it is kinda silly to read memos that I wrote weeks, months ago, but I really like this idea and habit of daily journaling.

 # 8  These nine patch blocks have moved with me a few times! These are made by my friend when we still lived in ND; none of the seams are matched or nicely press! This afternoon, I have pulled them out and finished the rest of the blocks. I plan to sashing them with 2.5" wide fabric and finish it. I would like to send the finish quilt to my friend for the next year's holiday. It might be a perfect gift!

 #9 Snow has been falling in the city this morning! It finally looks and feels like winter wonderland here! It is so pretty to look out for the whole day! I mean none stop snow falling for a Full Day! The snow truck came this afternoon, but the road is covered with inches of snow again! I wondered if they will come again tomorrow morning! Fingers crossed because I am heading out of town!

#10  It is a small world..... Oh, I am so so so so closed to finish this quilt along! I have part 5 and 6 left to work on still! I am so ready to jump right in this project again! I probably will finish the sky first then decided on the rest! I have truly enjoy this quilt along, but stay on the commitment is hard! It is something that I have not been able to keep up for last so many years! Finish what I started! 

#11 I still have a basket full of patchwork pieces for hand quilting. I might not be able to get to them right away! Maybe one patchwork piece at the time! But eventually they will get done!

I am looking forward the week and new year! My little goal is finish most of them! I mean maybe half of them! It will be hard because I know I'll start something at the mid-point. Over the year, I have so many piled up or give up projects. I can't deny that I though about give them away, but at the end they stay with me. I am guessing my other side of mind was telling me to keep them for someday! I have found so many my early days works and fabrics lately! I can't tell you how much they actually mean to me! So many embroidery patterns, flosses, dish towels, and little things. 

Now let me talk less, do more! 



  1. Happy Holidays Chase and Stella! I wish you a Happy, Healthy 2016 and full of inspiration. I hope you show us a full photo of your quiltalong when it is finished, it looks adorable. Also which Quiltmania is the one you are showing us?
    Love, Myrto

  2. Chase, your unfinished projects are beautiful as always. You have the great plans how to use them. But the small world is wonderful!! I like how you join the prints and colors.
    Happy Holidays and Happy New Year 2016 to you and Stella!

  3. Really enjoy when you share your unfinished projects. There's something really beautiful about your work in the raw Chase. Inspirational! Happy holidays to you and loved ones. I'm off to sew :)

  4. I. love. Your. W.I.P's!! So inspirational and beautiful...thank you for sharing. I just love your blog so's hopng you have the best New Year yet!!!

  5. I got one of your zippered pouches for Christmas, such a surprise from my sweet husband. I LOVE it! I carry it with me every day, your craftsmanship is amazing!


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