Saturday, December 19, 2015

Green Lady

Last late December, I received a copy of {Quilt Now} magazine in the mail. I though I'd make the cover quilt, {Chrsitmas Log Cabin Wreath} by Jessie Fincham aka {messyjesse}. { I think you'll enjoy Jesse's blog; it is so charming and I love all the fabrics stash that she puts together for her quilts}.  I didn't get to make the quilt when I received the magazine. It looked so complex when I first saw it in person. Oh, I didn't sit down and take time to read through the pattern; honesty!

I have been going through the pile of w.i.p box and check out what have been in the box then found the magazine and careful read through the pattern again! Duh! It is a such an easy and well written pattern to follow. It is such a beautiful quilt and so eye catching, if you seen it being made last year! I debated if I should go with  red or yellow for the center log cabin. Then I though it might be fun to go with yellow instead of the traditional red!

It looks fresh and crispy unlike the other quilt I have made. I really like how this turn out! For the quilting, I did the random wave lines that cross each other to create a bit bow tie look. Can you see? For the backing, I used three different prints that all some what holiday related. The music sheet print is so sweet! I used up all the yardage in my stash and went back to the store and got more!  It feels really great to finish this quilt, just in time for the holiday! I almost make it into a tree skirt, um... it would be so pretty, but I still think I'd like something more whimsical and possible use wool felt to make the skirt, maybe next year?

The color combination is so different from what I used to make, so I turned these colors into patchwork pouches and place one in the {shop}. I had to hand-quilted them all! With all the tiny squares, it seems just nice to added more hand touch to it. I keep one for myself, it will be my new hand-quilting box pouch or  I'd be using it for electronic chargers and little things. Then I made one scrappy style {mini coin pouch}!

Another project that I found in the w.i.p box is the {village wreath}. I know, this is something that I though I'd just enjoying other people's creations. The truth is,  I can't help myself thinking about the village wreath. So, I drove by the craft store and pick up the sale wreath, few more tiny trees and another cardboard house.  There is one tiny house and some little tiny trees. It is not glue on still, I plan to add a few items on. It might be another year of w.i.p, but feels great I finally have started this w.i.p. It looks nice above the library now and I would like to add a few more tiny houses later on if I can still find them.

This year, I made apple pies for the music teachers; something different. It feels so right after seeing the surprise reaction.  I also print out the receipt for them, so they could enjoy making apple pie in the future. I used remaining pie dough and added cut out shape of holiday figures. The second pie was handed yesterday, but I didn't get the photo. The second pie center is a bell that tie with a ribbon then lots cut out stars. Can you picture it with me?

I have not made the cookie list for this year yet, but there are 7 pounds of butter in the freezer, 5 pounds of sugar and 1 bag of 5 pound flour. I don't think I'll need that many, but I think we actually do! I'll be making a pound cake tonight for tomorrow's recital after party and then lots mini sugar cookies for S to bring to school. Oh, the {French seam style drawstring bags} are the little gift bags made from all the scraps remaining. These snowman's are really cute! I'll stuff lots little things for nieces then send to them soon.

Meanwhile, I'll spend next few days with butter, sugar, and flour. Hope we'll be able to get all these cookies made and share. Then there's an upcoming trip that requires long travel time or us.  I probably will not be able to make it back here real soon!

Wish you have a great holiday season, with families and friends!  Lots laughs and great time! 
Make sure to make it a fabulous time with families as we are so far away from ours and wish you double it up for us!  

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  1. Your new projects all look gorgeous! ❤️❤️❤️

  2. Merry Christmas to you! Love all of your projects and the apple pie! Yummmm!

  3. I adore your projects, they are beautiful as always ..

  4. Merry Merry!! Hope you are finding the Joy in this season! I, too, love all of your projects!! They are all so sweet...the pie looked delicious and I could picture the bell and stars. Merry Christmas and the Happiest of New Year yo you and yours.


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