Thursday, October 1, 2015

Once in awhile...

Once in awhile, I get into something fun then don't stop very soon. Likely I keep going on and on until I get bored with it, but likely it rarely happens! It probably has been 5 years, since I bake bread at home. The oven we had in N.D. student housing was 30 degree higher than the actual setting; I purchased an oven thermos for it and that helped for awhile; the oven was very old, so it really quickly burn everything I put in even with a thermos.  After moved in our home, with the trust worthy new oven I really think it is time to make some bread again! I remember the smell of bread from the oven especially in the Fall season and bread sticks are the favorite here! It is really just regular flour mixing and spare butter on the dough and sprinkle with parmesan cheese.

With all the cool air here, I am just so attempting  to make all the bread selections from the cookbook! The Danish Bread is my next wanted to make bread. It is closed to croissant, but in a loaf form; outside brush with some honey when the bread is cool off. It is really tasty with all the butter in the dough; lots folding and cooling then repeat! I am waiting for a day that's so cold to make it, so I could sip the tea as I roll the dough then run upstair and sew a little then get downstair to roll the dough again; repeat!

I can't wait to share with you all my accomplishments from the last post. I have cross-off many lists from my to-do list! It feels really really great! I also made a very big decision two weeks ago and the result has made me so relief and positive {paying off student loan is quiet awesome,right and I do feel so poor, but rich at the same time}.

My little celebration was spending time in the studio; feeling great and positive about next step and maybe a bit future! I went through patchwork block box and sorted them into piles then bring out what I could accomplish now and set others aside. All the scrappy log cabin blocks have put together as a mini quilt. Oh dear, I really love how it turns out! There's lots colors that so contrast together and quiet interesting as well!  The scrappy mini will be hand-quilt and will list the mini quilt in the {shop}!

I also have been busy gather #mysmallworldqal part 4 fabrics. The part 4 isn't too complex compared to last three parts, but there are still pinwheels need to be fancy on and the houses to build on. I keep the houses pretty simple in fabric choices, but got fancier with all the other elements. My biggest challenging is still choosing prints. I keep not repeating the same print twice/triple and have used so many long saved prints for this project. It makes me really nervous when I cut into some of the prints that I've been saved for ages; especially the fat quarters. I hope I am not the only one feeling so...

This Monday, Two of the love/care packages have sent to oversea. One package is contained a baby quilt {will share soon} for a dear friend and another package is for mom! It is not her birthday or holiday seasons. However, every year before/in October, I managed to send a little something for her; it has been either a handmade scarf, a mini pouch, or store bough gifts, etc. It is my apprication to her for giving birth and nourished me. Some years, when I got so so busy I wrote her cards in the mail and called her for Happy Birthday, even though its mine! She loves that and so do I! This year, I prepared a store bough gift for her and have just called her and let her know a package is on its way to her! I know, she will be expecting this package from now on and worried if the package got lost... But you know,  it will be a happy mail for her. That made me think of my happy mail; fabrics that came to me! We all need some love and care package once in awhile! I think that really brings some smiles to someone's day.

Hey you know, my accomplishments are not quiet finish; a good studio pick up means going through all the piles of fabric pulls and all the clutter! The studio is quiet clean and organized once again! I found not just one missing print, but three! I won't be asking S all the time, have you seen my prints? Did you take it? Where did I set it? All the frustration self talks? um.. that would be me for the particular print that I can't find. Then big relief sound.. oh, it is here, but I've looked?

The orange peel blocks are done! I made 12 of them and they are hand-appliqued on 100% linen. It is a little stretch, but I marked the guild lines to sew on. Oh, it is far to be perfect, since I hand drawn the templates onto freezer paper and hand cut them. Each peel's curves is a little off, so could I say it is quiet "organic" in the form. So many prints are really my favorites! A few prints are really gone from my stash, but it makes me smile that I could get them into this patchwork for a special friend. I'll be busy to get them all sewn together and hand-quilt it and will be reveal after its send and receive, may I?

My goodness, such a long post of you! I will be sharing the baby quilt soon and Of course S' birthday quilt is given and loved! All the photos are taken and need a bit bright up, since the lighting has been well lately.  Meanwhile, I will be busy for the month of October and getting as many handmade items ready to list in the {shop} soon! I am excited about some new works that I have been slowly put together and hope you'll enjoy them as well!

Thank you again for all the participations on the {Good Neighbors fabric post}. I will announce the winner the the {post} later in the week.



  1. I think it is wonderful, how you always send your mom a package every year. I am really bad about it and want to be better. I do agree with you though, how care packages are so lovely. To give and to receive. You work is always so vibrant Chase. I love visiting and seeing what you're up to. Your log cabin mini quilt will be beautiful! Aloha!

  2. What a lovely post. Everything is so pretty right down to the apples ; )

  3. You certainly know how to keep busy. I always thought the mom should get a birthday gift when one of her children celebrates a birthday, after all, she's the one who gave birth! A delightful, fun post.

  4. Great post. You are so productive. The petal work is lovely.
    Keep the posts coming. Love to read about all the fabulous things you make.

  5. Happy birthday month to you!! This is my favorite post of the week...I loved reading it and enjoyed the pictures so much...thank you for sharing! The orange peels look really all the prints on linen. I, too, enjoy making bread...especially in the cooler months...makes the house smell delightful. The patchwork is to die for!! Just beautiful...:)


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