Thursday, October 8, 2015

Handmade quilt for Sasaki

Over the years, I have made many baby quilts for friends and some babies are growing into toddlers now. I always am smitten when I see their photos from time to time! It makes me feel special that the quilt became their favorite blankie to play hide and seek with.

While visiting Japan this summer, my friend Saki shared her big news. Saki is expecting a baby any day now! I wanted to make the baby a quilt while I was oversea, but with all the activities I have had I have to wait to make the quilt after return home in states! After all settling in the new schedules, I finally started this baby quilt and committed myself on finish it before September {I made it!}

I was thinking a really simple pattern and a fresh look for the quilt. Nine patch block is my all time favorite block pattern. It provides some fun and possibilities for the quilt layout! Within this baby quilt, there are 26 Minny Muu prints. Each print is really sweet and cute! I can't help not to tell you it is a really cute collection that I started to recollect again a year ago. I like how small of the each print's scale; small and sweet. It is great for any patchworking and not miss out some details in the cutting.

There are different tone of blues, greens, and yellows are being used in this quilt.  It is so cheerful! The rainbow over the clouds are my favorites and the ladybugs are quiet sweet! To bring out some of the soft/ pastel yellow, I used three off-white prints for the blocks and sashing. The major sashing print is from Doe collection and it comes with 108"; great size for the quilt backing {used this for S' birthday quilt backing.}

Like every baby quilt I hand-quilted, so it helped soften the batting. I didn't want to make so many quilting lines in this quilt, so it keeps the quilt loose a little and soft as well. I still like and love using the traditional basting method for hand-quilting quilts. It helps me to work through the entire quilt without taking pins off. For the binding, I used gingham in black and white to finish up the quilt.

The quilt label is written in konji character. It means mother and son safe! It feels so great to have this quilt made and posted! Soon, it will arrive the baby's home and possible the baby has arrived; as the due date was last weekend!



  1. Just adorable. Nine patch is my favorite block too!

  2. Chase, what a lovely sweet little quilt! The binding is a wonderful touch. I, too, love the 9-patch. I usually love bold big prints, but I am always drawn to the fabrics you use. I should start adding more like them to my own stash. Cheers to the new baby!

  3. When this quilt showed up in my Instagram feed I immediately knew it was yours. It's a perfect baby quilt

  4. I am absolutely swooning over this baby is perfect. I, too, am a fan of the nine patch. The sashing fabric makes this quilt so fresh, new, and it.

  5. This is a truly beautiful quilt! The colors and the background fabrics are wonderful together. I love the final presentation, too. With the hand-stitched signature and note. You do such beautiful work. Congratulations.

  6. What a sweet and thoughtful quilt Chase. I know that your friend will love it! And what a special blanket for her baby! The colors are so lovely and calm and cute! =)


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