Thursday, October 29, 2015

Almost Winter...

It feels so cold this whole week here! It is still wet and cold! We pulled out the woolie blanket and comforter  beginning of the week, but still cold! There's always a say that Winter arrives on the day of Halloween here, and I hope it will not come till later the year. I would like more warm and sunny days and more days that I could spend sometimes outdoor. Let me keep my toes crossed for all the good sunny days!

After a year moved in our home, my eyes aren't as sharp as when we first moved in, but I did make a few notes on things that could be improved and updated as I noticed. Finally, this week is the week that I have most of them done! New ceiling fan in the bedroom that provided some room light, finally. New freshly painted laundry room where no more ugly stains and sad wall space and where I hung a little patchwork piece on the wall, just because! Then finally some counter stools arrives for our kitchen and you know this is the moment that I have asked myself why I waited so long to purchased the stools. Oh, I could have a little house warming party anytime now! Who is coming?

I have had a very lovely birthday! A sweet and far away package arrived from a dear friend. There was a little tweet bird she made, a handmade birthday card, and a really sweet vintage apron. Oh, I tried it on, but it is too precious for me to wear it everyday when I cook. The birthday cake was made by S, without any help from me. It was so nervous hearing all the sounds from upstair and try to figure out what she was trying to do; Oh, relax mom! That's the last sentence before I heard the oven sound beeping. It was a delicious cake! The icing is just sweet! Maybe had two cups of sugar instead of one? I might over dose the cake, since I was the one ate the most of it. yum!

Oh this year's birthday, I purchased a floor lamp for the studio. It is such a needed purchase, but I wasn't sure if I should get it, but I talked to myself, "I need a new light and yes, I should get it!" After visited three hardware stores, finally found the one match the space {68"tall instead 72"}!

The only lighting in the studio is located in the center of the ceiling, however it was behind the station where I sit and sew. It didn't provided any good lighting during the night time. I have been using the machine light and a table light for sewing. It is quiet hard to do all from limited light sources at nights. I am already satisfy with this gift to myself. It will help out with the incoming winter days when the studio is gloomy and dark. Then I ordered a few fabric prints that I have been thinking about. These fabric prints are probably a few years old, but I love some older prints that still available.

While some house projects being crossed off. I've started a {new project}. I decided to rearrange the fabric stashes like how the fabric shops do. I am not sure how the stash arrangements would turn out, but I am hoping it would give more options for storage space and maybe a better set up. It will be so nice to have a new look in the studio space. Oh, let's see how this projects turns out in a few weeks.

Meanwhile, I made little patchwork pieces to keep my hands busy and gave myself some time to sit down and really just some self time. I can't tell you how fulfilled I am lately! Taking another step forward to being another year older! It is actually great and quiet awesome at the same time!
For the new year, I wish myself to be courageous like I was in my 20's, early 30's, but add a little wise and compassion elements to that. oh, indeed extra cheers to myself!

I really would like to {Thank you} for all the lovely comments on S' birthday quilt! Somehow, I had a though to keep the quilt up on the wall. I am quiet proud for finish up the quilt still! and you know S is quiet happy, still! She is quiet funny, always! Sometime, growing up could be painful because not always goes the way that she likes, but it is what life learning is all about!

Meanwhile, we'll keep learning and keep us busy... to the end.. all is good and all is well!



  1. Oh, good job to S, on the Birthday cake. It looks delicious! So happy you had a nice birthday and that you treated yourself to your own gift. Now let your 'light' shine :)!

  2. Happy Birthday, cake looks great, love your style and handquilting!

  3. Happy Birthday, Chase! Oh, Stella made you a wonderful cake to mark your special day and we all know that a cake baked with lots of love, it THE BEST. :o)
    So happy that you found a gift you will enjoy - good lighting in the sewing room is so important - especially for the season ahead. ;o) I hope this year will be a wonderful one for you, sweet friend! Hugs...

  4. Happy birthday to you dear Chase! Hope this next year will be wonderfull and filled with health and joy! What a beautifull cake, how lucky you are to have such a great daughter. I wish all the best for both of you!💕


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