Monday, May 25, 2015

A Daffodil Joy Quilt

The first time I met Daffodil was when I still lived in a small town Iowa. It was selling 2.99 a bunch. It is really pretty during the spring season, but it would probably still called winter season. A friend of mine dropped a bunch at my front door and sent a little note with that and wish us a happy spring. Ever since then, I would purchase a bunch when they are a variable in the store and set in the kitchen counter.

The colors of butter cream yellow and the green bring so much energy to the still white scene Midwest. I can't tell you the pleasant feeling that I always have when daffodils live in our place. The bit of colors really lighten up a long day out and about. They are seriously the most pretty and elegant flowers in the stores.

I appricate all the quilt concepts that have developed from last ten years, but truly I am loving the heirloom quilt patterns more so. Patterns that are simple and easy to go and about! A secrete to you all, I really  am not a big trimmer when it comes to making quilts. It might be the major reason that I don't make so many large quilts now! I have learned to love and appreciate the process of trimming a little bit more after the half sandwich quilt. I can't wait to tell you all about that process. Oh, you are gonna to think I am a nuts!

Back to the Daffodil Joy Quilt. It is simple a Double Irish Chain quilt pattern that I found in the internet and modified the block size.  You might not noticed from the photos, but I miss counted the assembling block rows and ended up one row short for each block. Oh, can you tell?

When searching for the prints for this quilt, I knew they all needed to corresponding well to each other and somewhat has that buttercream yellow scheme. I though the outcome is pretty good! I used up some of long saved yellow prints, but I know this quilt needs that print to go with! "Come on, you can always find some special prints", this is what I have told myself lately! For the white print, I used Kona Snow white! I had a big decision to make between random lower value prints, but the snow white brings the butter cream yellow together even more.

For the backing, Remember the two prints that I shared with you? I went with the soft green gingham print. For the purpose of this quilt, I intended to keep the colors soft and light. The {other green print} would definitely give it a higher contrast for the quilt, but it might be over powering the quilt outlook which I tried to avoid at the first place.

The quilt is hand-quilted and there's another oops! Can you tell? The hand-quilting lines should turned out squared, but it ended up to rectangles. I didn't notice this until I was half way through. Oh! I hope the receiver won't mind at all! I used 100% cotton batting! It is hard for the fingers, but at the same time hand working through the cotton batting has soften the quilt a little more. I used the same print for the backing as any embellishment is not a so great idea for this quilt.

The quilt is finished at 50"x50" and would a great size for our dear friends. After making this quilt, I know after all the work in process quilts I will make a large version of the Double Irish Chain Quilt.  I still in believe that everyone needs a Irish Chain Quilt somehow.

Making quilts for a friend is nerve wracking! I truly hope this quilt will bring lots joys to them and will be use very often! I also love to see and hear the pieces I made from their photos or in the email they wrote me.

The quilt has been packed in S' super large drawstring bag for the protection and store in the luggage. Off we go hand deliver this special quilt to our special friends on our way home!

Do you have your Daffodil Joy in the spring season? It was good to see them come and sad to see them go, but they will come back again!



  1. Oh Chase! It turned out so beautiful! What a wonderful project full of thought and love. I'm sure your friends will be oh so happy! =) Thank you for sharing!!!

  2. ❀❀❀❀❀❀ So Beautiful。❀❀❀❀❀❀

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  3. You do such beautiful hand quilting! I am a fan of your work and little bags.

  4. So happy to see the details of your beautiful daffodil quilt here, and I know the recipient loves it. She told me so! xoxo

  5. This is a truly beautiful quilt. You have made me love yellow again. Sometimes I find yellow so, so--well bright. But the yellows you've used all go well together. What size are your squares?
    So nice to have this to read--I thought you were on your trip and that we wouldn't hear from you.

  6. everything you make is always from your heart ... always beautiful and show your patient .. , finally I know why you just show the finish quilt when you already abroad ;)

  7. Another beautiful quilt Chase. I love your daffodil influence for this Quilt

  8. Gorgeous, as always! Your hand quilting is simply stunning!

  9. Very nice quilt, like it so much!


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