Monday, December 29, 2014

Wintery Pause!

Today it a long post day for me and maybe you! I made two delicious hot coco cups and top with creamy whipped cream then tip top with the special chocolate sprinkles from a dear friend. Actually they are all gone now and the tea kettle is on and there's a plate full of holiday cookies for us.

This time of the year I get homesick lots! Like every other year, I missed dad's birthday celebration  and will miss mom's birthday then the Lunar New Year. The technology has been life saver these days; chatting with Fifi for hours, watching Lucky naps, talking to mom and listening to her little bits of this and that .

When I was little, I remember every winter days mom would cook a huge pot of soup and our family would gather in the kitchen table. We all asked the same questions, what kind of soup for today? Mom always said, It is good for you! We all have the soup before rice and side dishes. The soup likely is some kind of herb soup; bitter and the color is black.  Now I made some for S; bitter and black. I tell her the same thing mom told me, It is good for you!

When we were still lived in N.D. The winter was long and bitter cold. The second year was particular hard for me with schooling, teaching, and mothering. I wished that mom could walk through the "space" to our home; cook for us and just be with us! Homesick is hard! That year, a package arrived after Thanksgiving. It was a surprised package from Monica. I have had not idea who sent the package and guessed with S in the living room for a good 10 minutes. I keep thinking it might be a wrong package because I didn't order the fabric! Then I went ahead and opened the package. Within the package was a beautiful layer cake fabric and a kindly note. Words are still hard to describe the gratitude I have till this day.  The layer cake has been saved for years for the right quilt design!

When I saw Patchwork Tsushin magazine's quilt design. I knew it is the pattern for it! I was quiet nervous cutting down to the charm pack size. I switched to a new blade and slowly cutting. I hope a queen size for this quilt, so I went through the stash and pulled out some fabrics. Still not quiet enough for a queen size quilt at this point, but I am enjoying this patchworking here; extra slow!
More fabrics have been pulled out and await to be iron out and cut. Hope before this winter season ended, I could have it ready!

As the end of the year approaches so soon, I have slowly gather S' 11th birthday quilt fabrics. I hope to surprise her on her birthday this year, which is coming so soon! I am not confident as I used to, but will give it a try! It is all about stars and dreams! I was thinking tiny 1.5"x1.5" finished at 1"x1", but it will probably be the 12th birthday quilt instead.  I always look forward making S' birthday quilt more than any other quilts. It always makes me feel great that I can sew and consider myself a quilter; I could sew for families and help friends sew their memories together. It is a great gift that I have and hope I continue for years to come!

For many years, I used to be an organized person! Then after so many moves and travels, I let go many of that organization skills! It is quiet scary that I realized I have a few items that are triple. They were placed in the different boxes and buried under other items. Last night, I made a commitment to myself to take a wintery pause and hope to get things in orders again! It will be nice that we could look up the labels on the boxes and find the paperwork that we needed or it would be nice that I can pull out S' school pictures when she was asking if she can take a look.  It would be so nice I could go through all the supply boxes and put them in the proper place. I know, there's a lot of serious organizing prepartion around here!

I continue enjoy my part-time job! I met people from different part of the world and share lots stories and feel better each day! There's time that I still feel quiet in between, but it comes and goes! I like to think it is part of the life challenge and will make me a stronger person after all! I still take one step a day and take pause when I need! There are still confidents and such need to catch up and feel great about myself again! I will be taking a long wintery pause from here. I hope not too long, but I don't want to worry you.  I think the pattern can wait a little longer to publish. I hope you can wait for a better and fulfilled me to return to this space again. Yes, that {bands of colors quilt along} will be happening sometimes, my goal is when I can talk clear and feel confident to host the group again!

Meanwhile, you can picture me surrounding with file boxes, picture albums, and acknowledge award cards S collected over the years. Of course, cutting fabric, making chain piecing, piecing the quilt tops, and such! Lots "good for you herb soup" and homemade cooking!

Until then I am taking the pause from here..


Update:  Many of you have asked about the {half triangle quilt}. As I mentioned in the post that the pattern is found from Patchwork Tsushin, a Japanese quilting magazine that I subscribed last year. The pattern was found in the June, 2014 issue. page 63. Due to the legal copy-right issue. I cannot share the pattern in this space ( Sorry, but it is illegal take someone's work and claimed as mine). I did work on my own measurement for the quilt blocks.  Thank you for understanding~


  1. I dream that tidy working place is MINE :)) a lot of joy and happiness there ... :))))) Happy New Year to you my dearest friend ...

  2. This looks like the beginning of a gorgeous quilt!
    I have just finished reading Marie Kondo's book , "the life-changing magic of tidying up" . I'm now organizing everything in our apartment! It must be the right time of year to do it and start fresh in 2015!
    I hope you have a satisfying wintery pause and enjoy your time with S.

  3. Beautiful work in progress Chase! =) Being organized is an amazing goal for the next year. I have been having similar thoughts in my own space - I've been trying to simplify our spaces by getting rid of things that we don't need or love. I wish you luck on all of your endeavors. Have a wonderful winter season with S!

  4. Oh, Chase! I LOVE the quilt in progress. You have such talent for combining great fabrics and design - this one is a stunner.

    Yes, I'm with you on the importance of slowing down to streamline things by simplifying and organizing. It's not the most fun thing to do, but the difference it makes is totally worth it. Bravo for tackling those boxes!

    Happy New Year to you and your sweet S! Here's to an amazing 2015!

  5. Enjoy your winter break, and most of all enjoy the coming year. We will be waiting to hear from you whenever you feel like. Have a great 2015 with S!

  6. Love the quilt and your way of choosing fabrics! I will liss your posts but I know it is nessesary sometimes ton take some time off. So i wish you the best, and that you will be refreshed during this time!

  7. Beautiful fabrics and such nice progress on your quilt. Every soul needs refreshing

  8. Good luck in the new year with your organizing! It always seems a lofty goal at first... but, after a while it starts to take shape and in the end is always worth the effort.
    Here is wishing you and s the happiest of new years...I will miss your posts and lovely photos and look forward to hearing from you soon. Take care. By the way, I love that quilt...very pretty.

  9. Proverbs 3:5-6
    Trust in the LORD with all your heart,
    and do not lean on your own understanding.
    In all your ways acknowledge him,
    and he will make straight your paths.
    I know the sadness that comes from family in another country. The "home" being always here, and always there at the same time. Will miss your posts. Love and prayers your way.

  10. Hi Chase the Patchwork Tsushin magazine quilt you've put together here is lovely! You have a gifted eye in your choice of fabrics. What issue did you find this pattern in? Was it the December 2014 issue? And lastly what was the name of the pattern? I would love to try and make this quilt also. Also just wanted to say that I am fairly new to your blog but have enjoyed it and looked forward to each post. I have also needed to step back from activities for some personal refreshment in the past and encourage you to take care of yourself first. Of course you will be very missed!

    1. I too would love to know more about this pattern. It looks like loads of fun to sew. The quilt is looking amazing:)

  11. Happy NEW Year Chase! You NEW quilt poject looks fantastic! I love your work and your photos are always Special! Looking for to read your blog next year! Greetings from GREECE! x Teje

  12. Chase, your quilt is beautiful. Makes me want to start one but I will wait patiently for you to finish yours.
    Enjoy your break but most of all, enjoy your time with 'S'. Time passes in a flash, soak it up now and always find time to catch your breath with her.
    We all love your blog and will miss you until you get back. May the New Year Fairy wave her magic wand over you and give you a better 2015.
    P S.....The zippered pouches that I purchased from your Etsy shop were a hit. My workmates loved them. So know that you have passed on joy and happiness to 3 ladies in Australia for Xmas.


  13. Yes, enjoy your break--but hurry back. Such a lovely home; such lovely quilts.

  14. Dear Chase, I will follow you for many years and have always admired your careful and precise work in your creations. I write from Italy, my name is Anna Maria.
    I wish you happy new year to you and your daughter, it will bring you good and positive things.
    See you soon!

  15. Oh Chase....Your words are so lovely. I do SO love to visit here...glimpse into your life...your feelings. You are so different..Probably your upbringing. I wish I knew more about Eastern philosophies..your culture seems more refined. Simpler...and more meaningful....I have to smile when you say..."I consider myself a quilter" ....I have been sewing for is not the act of sewing that produces is the mind of the person choosing the fabrics...your work truly speaks to me. As it does to many...You have wonderful talent!! I am so happy to have found you in this GREAT big internet space! I really look forward to following along with your creations and the simple pleasures of your "everyday"...XXXOOO Happy New Year dear friend...I hope it brings you and beautiful little Stella much happiness...

  16. And...PS. I will TRULY miss you in your absence....I do so hope you find your way back here soon...I know it is almost an imaginary world..people you don't know...but, somehow..we connect in this strange new world..Take care lovely girl..hope you are not gone too long....

  17. Happy New Year Chase and Stella, I understand the need for a break. I've just started catching up on blog posts as I too went off radar for a while. Take care xx


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