Saturday, December 27, 2014

Wintery mode

 {photo taken by S.J.H}

{photo taken by S.J.H}

 {photo taken by S.J.H.}

 {photo taken by S.J.H}

 {photo take by S.J.H.}

December 25th, 6a.m., there was a sound from the other side of the room then all went to slight again. The next thing I know was a whispered sound, " Mommy, HE was here! Can you get up now?" I replied in the most sleepy sound, " Can I sleep in? just another 10 minutes?" Then she whispered again, " but I really want to go downstair and check, can you come with me?"  Time for me to wake up and go downstair!

The last few days were quiet around here! The most excitement was open presents that have been collected under the tree. Each day, we have few packages arrived from friends and families all we did was placed them under the tree! I didn't take guess on any packages!  I am just all smitten by all the brown packages and the greeting cards that arrived from day to day!

Oh yes! I did manage made Lucky's cape and mailed out! S' robe finished just in time before the last day of school and the stocking was done, but I had made a huge mistake in the rush sewing period of time! I didn't reverse the pattern for the backing stocking, so ended up have two stockings! The robe for S fits perfectly, only the sleeves are longer, but it will allow her another few years to grow into.

Each year, we always try to have simple meals on the 24th, brunch is always a popular pick here! This year, I made French Toasts and lots fresh fruits; mini bites crackers and swiss cheese for the snacks then I had to brew myself a pot of coffee and warm S a cup of milk. It was homey and of course, we had to turn the Christmas tune up before we headed to the grocery store.

We have a cozy time here! Taking the time extra slow and take relax pause extra longer! Our book shelves are heavier after this holiday season! S has been devouring her new books ever since she open the packages.  I, on the other hand is being spoiled by many kind and sweet friends allover the world. Thank you So much for all the handmade goods!

Then the road trip that planned weeks ago was taken right after all the celebration! We miss it, lots! I miss the view of the corn and bean fields. I miss hearing all the observations S has while passing through little towns. I miss driving without hitting much breaks. We missed the corn field being harvest this year, we missed the sunset view during the harvest season, we missed friends that we used to see daily!  However, we were able to catch up a bit during the trip! The corn and bean fields are asleep now! It is so pretty with partly cover with snow now! We let the car windows down and let the cool air in! The smell of the field and cold air was fresh! Oh, the car break didn't get use much throughout the time! It was a smooth and fun drive even it started with foggy outlook. We had great time with our friends; over dose the coffee and over consumed the homemade treats. We watched the sunset on the way home! It was warm and fuzzy! The orange sunset was perfect to end the trip! Slowly we pulled in the city freeway, we knew we are home! We are quiet happy to be home again!

The sewing machine is on again and books are being check out from the local library and downstair library this morning! We are into Wintery mode again! See you soon!



  1. Happy Holiday's to you both. Your pictures are all so lovely. S looks fantastic in her robe and the stocking is great! I wonder what flavor pie you made? I wish I could remember to make such a fun crust for mine!!! I'm happy that S received books for Christmas so she can continue to enjoy reading.

  2. Excellent photo essay. Happy New Year to you and your family.

  3. Sounds like a lovely day/holiday. The robe is lovely. Where did you find the fabric?
    The pie! Oh my. A great example of going beyond the ordinary and taking the time to make something special.
    I ook forward to your 2015 projects.

  4. I just love the pictures you take Chase!!! Your holidays looked lovely!! I worked all around the special day...but, on Christmas, I was home with my boys and we had a very nice day! I wish I would have made Zach handmade Jammies after seeing how cute Stella's robe turned out!! (Even though it would take me YARDS of fabric for his size!!! ) I love Stella's stocking too!!! It made me smile that you made your little mistake...Now, you will have TWO stockings ready next year!!! Much love to you and Stella...I look forward to seeing your adventures in the New Year!! Hugs:)


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