Monday, December 1, 2014

Hello, December!

S, was quiet serious when she put up the star for the tree! This is the first time without support that she reached the tip top! I've always thought this Christmas tree of ours has been a growth chart here! It moves around with us no matter we move to. It was actually a birthday present from Julie when I turned... 27? Within this tree there aren't any fancy decorations, but memories and little bit of this and that; mostly craft projects that we worked together throughout the years. Then each Christmas, Julie sends two ornaments in the mail; There are still spaces to fill and we still have many years to come!  S' baby tree joined the mama tree. It was the very first quarter that she first spent on {she was probably 6 at the time}. We travelled to Fargo for some craft supplies and all she had eye on was the baby tree!  Each year, she brought little project from school and she adds it on to her tree.

Do you love the Santa riding on the disposal tape dispenser? It was my Christmas present from S from 2011. It is my most precious gift! I love the idea of it and it always cheers me up when I pulled them out. Someday when S starts her own family, I will pass all these ornaments to her. So maybe she could start her own tradition.This year, we haven't decided what we are making for the families and friends. I think we'll work on the wool felt. I look forward making some mini trees and a bit of snowballs.

The last week of November reminded me of the weeks that we spent in ND; busy and fulfilled! After many Tuesdays rehearsal, S has her first symphony stage performed! I am not just quiet proud, but PROUD!! She has been enjoyed the orchestra and loved the rehearsal time! Yes, all that crazy Freeway drives are priceless when she told me, "Thank you, mama! Just keep it slow! You will be fine!"

Maybe just like some of you that your shopping cart is full of Christmas fabric!? I was happy to discovered the vintage style Christmas fabrics last week. Oh, yes with a really good bargain, too! I don't remember when was the last time I visited the fabric store, but I did a bit of holiday shopping there. A Christmas quilt is in order! The one I made a few years back is a bit small for two now! S and I ended up using it as a game mat now, which is perfectly fit in the hallway between her room and the studio.

After the first holiday in the season, S is back to school and I am back to my usual schedule. The housework is a bit behind, laundry, dish, tidy up the sewing space, make a new list of the grocery, getting all the ingredients for the holiday baking, getting little presents wrap for the teachers and getting package in the mail... I know I will probably not be able to finish up right away, but today is a good start!


P.S.I have the tutorial all ready for you, so make sure check back soon!
P.S. Happy December!


  1. I love all your photos, your life is so true for December :) Your churndash quilt is gorgeous!!!

  2. Love your Christmas tree story. Do you still live close to Fargo? I live north of there. CDahlgren at live dot com

  3. Wow! You have a real winter already! Your Christmas tree is cute :) Keep warm! :) Jola

  4. I loVe that you share your special memories with us. Merry Christmas season to you and S

  5. I love the Christmas stash you got...very retro, very cool.
    Congratulations to S on her performance.
    The story of your tree was so lovely...thank you for sharing.


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