Sunday, November 3, 2013

Random: between west and east

S and I have been taking a few half day field trips to the local historical sites. She loves these half day trips over the week and always happy to visit new places and ask lots questions that I have hard time to answer her back. When the Dutch discovered Formosa over 400 years ago they have left significant buildings and customs. Some of these places being shake over the years and customs have being adopted. It is always fascinating to retell the stories that I learned when I was a child then pass to S. She might not be able to understand all the history backgrounds, but these places will leave a great mark in her little life oversea.

We often departed early in the mornings, so we could return home before the sun hits the air high and big.  We treat us local food as we pass each small stand on the street! Personally, I think these food stands will not pass by the food inspections, but they are the best kind you could have!

Our scooter takes us one ally after another. Pass by the hospital where S was born and pass by the hosptial where I was born. Pass by the elementary school that I went then middle school and high school. Pass by the the tea shop where we get our loved iced cool tea and the tasty noodle shop where we get our lunch. Pass by our relative house and just say Hi! Yes, it has been fantastic half day trips that we've taken~ It is also a way to farewell this town and city that I grew up and the experiences that I wished S to discover and experience.

S and I are heading back earlier than we planned! The school didn't work out as we hoped! Over the two-weeks tryout of schooling here. It was challenging and difficult for S each day. She was not able to catch up all the studies in a different language then there were times that she refused to return to school.  She agreed to finish up the tryout days. There were some other issues that we didn't plan in then we turn the schooling into full-time homeschooling. From the bottom of my heart that I thank of the teacher that she had. It is hard for the teacher to cover every aspect in the classroom, but she was so kind to send note each day with S home.

Over last few months of homeschooling, I have learned S likes to be in a real classroom where she can share ideas and learn with other peers. She loves interact with children at her age and have some fun talk with them. Homeschooling isn't best schooling for S. Even we work together and focus on the subjects of her interests, but it gets a little much for her when she plays and studies at home.  She would like some space of her own and this mama understands that's part of the growth and the independent process that she is going through. We both learn and fail... and it is part of growth that we share together.

There are many talks between these months; should we go home earlier? or should we stay till our return day? We second the decision almost everyday then she finally asked if we could return home early. Halloween made it difficult for her since she doesn't have a custom to put on and go knock on doors for trick or treating.  She took Lucky trick or treating from room to room and that made it a bit better.

I am not sure if we have fail this oversea study experiences, but as a mama I believed S has learned and open her eyes to see the culture differently . I mostly proud that she is reading the Chinese by herself and recognized words that repeat a lot from the books or signs from the streets. Taking few other lesson in different language. She picks up the languages and able to use them when she can.  Of course, she still carries an accent in her, but that's S! Family is so happy that S is willing to use the language that everyone speaks here.  Maybe we have met the original hope? I gave her big hands for all these tries and works.

It has been a bitter and sweet decision that we made! Soon, we'll say goodbye to our family and unsure the return date for next time! We'll not be able to spend time with Lucky as we both think it is best for him to stay here with lots loves and great cares that the family is giving to him.  We spoil them as much as we can over the last few weeks! He comes and goes the room as he likes. Checking out things and get excited about park time.

This journey is forwarding three times faster and we hope to slow it down a bit when we relocated in states. Lots unfinished projects that I brought with and will bring back me. We are thinking snow will be waiting us and we'll need to dig out our winter gears in the deep storage corner, somewhere...

we'll be home for Christmas~



  1. I don't think you have failed at all. I think you are two corageous girls who took on a great adventure. You both have experienced and learn so much during this past few months you can only be winners! I'm sure Lucky will miss you so much, and you will miss him too... and you will miss these days but you will have great memories to cherish. Wish you a safe journey back home. Looking forward to hear from your new adventures soon! :-)

  2. I am seconding this, you haven't failed at all. You've given Stella such an amazing experience, living in another country, seeing some of her heritage, spending time with her family. And you've adapted and changed your plans to suit the situation you find yourself in. You are the very best mum a girl could have I think. I am certain she will look back on this time with very fond memories. Life is an adventure, and none of us know what the future holds. I hope yours will be happy and full of amazing experiences. Enjoy the remainder of your stay Chase.

  3. You learn and grow, you have made courageous decisions that look at the bigger picture as well as the here and now. You are a great mother Chase, S will learn so much from you xxx

  4. Think of the memories you wouldn't have if you hadn't made the decision to go home and have this time with your family Chase. Look back with warm thoughts and look forward to yours and your daughter future wherever it may be. You both have learned a lot but that is life. You are acknowledging a change is needed and brave enough to take the next needed step. This is good. Enjoy your family and that little puppy now. I am also very relieved for you that you are feeling better now. Be safe my blogging friend. You give us inspiration.

  5. There isn't much I can add-the above comments are so right, and just what I wanted to say. The good news though is that you will be back in the US and in time for Christmas!! It warms my heart to think that you will be closer to where I live! Enjoy your remaining time in Taiwan-

  6. Hi Chase and S! You have done amazing journey! It's not how many months or weeks it last but how much you have seen, experienced, learnt, enjoyed etc. I think the Christmas is great time to return home - your second home! Thank you for a lovely photo-trip! x Teje

  7. You both have been so brave! I am sure that S will look back on those memories and be so fond of them. I am sure they are very special to her and to you. =) You are such a great mother Chase that has given her these special memories. ::thumbs up::

  8. oh Chase ; you know in you heart that you are not fail ; all is about learning new thing - even thou that is your own home , your own land but still there is a learning new thing especially now you are at your own land with your beautiful daughter. It must be challenging every time. But I know you can do .. you are a role model for your daughter. You give your daughter the most amazing experience with bring her back to your country and facing a very different thing .. it will stay forever in her mind.

  9. It is happy news that you are coming 'home', but I understand completely the sadness of leaving your family sooner than you planned. It sounds like you and S both tried your best and then tried some more. The decision to return is a positive one. Enjoy the rest of your time there and have a safe journey back. xo

  10. It sounds like you have had a lot of decisions to make.
    S is very lucky to have you making the best of things and being so flexible to change plans.
    You are both having so many experiences and adventures in life that will make for many memories!

  11. You are a great mama to change plans when they need changing! We moved away from home, and moved back earlier than we expected - our kids have been thriving ever since. Nothing like being away from home to make you appreciate what is there!

  12. Oh Chase, you you haven't failed at all! not always plans are that we wanted and I'm sure you are doing a wonderful job with Stella... she'll have such wonderful memories of your time there!

    be a mama is a very hard work and you are amazing!!

    Enjoy the rest of your time there and have a great journey back!

    ps. i'm sorry I miss your birthday...!!! I hope you had a lovely Bday!

  13. The photos are great! As I've said many times, you are such a good mother. I'm glad you're returning

  14. If you have a few days to spend in California you are welcome to visit me.

  15. The first thing that I thought of when I read your post is how much Lucky is going to miss S! He missed her so much when she was just at school during the day. What will those two do without each other?
    Ah, well. I think it was a good idea to move in the first place--and an equally good idea to come back to the U.S. when things changed. You are such a dedicated and conscientious mother, that everything will work out in the end!
    Take care,

  16. Having met you in person, I do know you are such a great mother for S and you are doing everything you can for her. Staying in Taiwan may not have been difficult for S, but there will be a time she looks back and appreciates her learning there. I am happy you guys are going back to the US sooner. Thinking of you two!


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