Thursday, November 7, 2013

Penny Patchwork Passport Pouch

In the middle of decision making,  I also try to finish a few patchwork pieces that I have started last month. Not so surprise to see more hand-quilting here. Hand-quilting is one of my favorite handmade process the second of that would be hand bound off the quilts. I love taking time to make small stitches and not hurry to complete the work. It seems like a better way to work the project that I've been working on.  Lots of these hand-quilting were made while waiting S in lessons or the quiet reading time during homeschooling. Mostly, I heart the time and process that add into the work.

Do you mind I go a little more about this project? Not sure if we are alike, but I get nervous whenever we travel or making any moves. I can't tell you how many version of passport pouches I have made. Many got put away in the handmade box and many were half done. Each time when we travel I make something to travel with then I know, oh it works! oh it is not working! I love the {dumpling pouches} that I made. They are best for USB drives and little devices for computer. It is a super fun project and really save me in this move/trip.

Why I called this project penny patchwork passport pouch? With limited studio space and time to myself the small projects help me to meet the happy medium; sewing and schooling S. The portable projects have made time usage much functional and I can spend time alone even few minutes to a few hour.  Sometimes, I try to finish patchwork on the machine before schooling starts or S' in reading time... Sometimes.. things happened! Each square supposed to finish at 1", but they got finished at 7/8".  It was a mistake that I made at the beginning and didn't pick up the off set seam allowance when they all pieced and ironed.  Oh, I didn't scream.... just .......WHAT? wHat? WhAt? ........then I decided to went along with the patchwork and discovered the size of each little square is about a penny size! So I called them penny patchwork instead of mistake patchwork.. oh dear..

I've tried a few different sewing on these pouches. I used some loose count fabric/ alike linen and cotton blended fabric and made them into bias binding. It is great in contrast with the modern and vibrate color fabrics. It helps focus the patchwork and give nice finish look of the work. The binding really added completion of these pouches! The {leather closure} gives a nice contrast of hard edge and soft fabric in style. It is much easier to open and close the pouch. It also give nice secure of the passport inside and holds everything in place!

The a sort of blue version is for S! She is shifting greens to blues lately! I keep a sort of candy colors to myself. One is for my sister who we hope will come visit us in states someday and one is giving to a dear friend of mine who will turn 35 next month. We have been friends since we were 12. It is a big celebration of her birthday and our friendship~   We always laugh together when we meet up for lunches and hope she will love it!

{THANK YOU} for all your encourage words... I am still touched by many of your supports and thoughts! It does make things hard when I seem not able to make all balance at the same time. We always ready to fail and ready to grow. It takes time to reboot the energy and optimistic attitude, but it always nice to have someone along this path, together.

Meanwhile, I will be taking S for more half day trips, few more patchwork sewing and start our packing.
packing. Enjoy the last few weeks of family gathering and the southern Taiwan air, people, food, and culture.

Have a fabulous day...




  1. Those are beautiful. I would love to see the inside!

  2. Love these with the hand quilting. And I would like to see the inside too.

  3. your passport holders are very beautiful! Thank you for sharing! Have fun making more memories with S and your family!

  4. Chase, your new patchwork projects are really very very nice! I love your tiny squares! :)
    Enjoy your half day trips with Stella!
    Have a wonderful time! Jola

  5. Love your passport pouches, Chase. all those tiny squares are fantastic. Hope you have tons more wonderful trips and experiences with Stella while in Taiwan.

  6. OMG..this is so adorable, Chase .. I like the way you called this project, 'penny patchwork' :)) meanwhile, please enjoy your time together with your family dear .. you never know ... the time will pass so quickly..

    **ps : are you using 1 thread for hand quilting ? the thread looks so strong , though..

  7. These are fantastic!
    I love your penny patchwork and think it is so great that giving it a cute name gives it authenticity!
    Now if I'm trying to make penny patchwork and they come out at 1" instead I'll be frustrated! lol!!!

  8. Love your patchwork pouches and the story of their name! Are you going back to ND? When do you guys leave?

  9. Oh I love the pouches. Those beautiful little squares! Wherever your journey takes you, you and Stella have each other, together, which is lovely for both of you. I do hope you enjoy the last of your precious time in Taiwan.

  10. Chase-you really know how to travel in style!

  11. These are all beautiful. So glad to hear you have a good childhood friend to laugh with, that is very important!


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