Sunday, October 27, 2013


What a fantastic Fall weekending here. It is still ongoing! We've gone to the market and brought back fresh roasted chestnuts. They are delicious and perfect for early afternoon tea time! S wanted me to tell you that she had most of them! This is not the first time she had them, but she'll remember she had some fresh ones when she grows up now.

It has been so nice to put up Tova tops again! Mom has been wowing over some of Tova that I made. It is funny when she asked me where did I buy the tops then I show her all the Tova tops at once. She said to me, you made them? I smiled! S has grew out two of Tova tops I made her, but one top still would fit her for a little longer! When she grows up, I hope to make a quilt from all the clothes that I made for her. It would be another birthday quilt for the future! Just like a busy bee, S has been busy making lots things here and there. She still into paper folding project and loving the out and about during the weekdays.

On our weekending trip to the city that we discovered a candy store that sells Halloween related candy. S picked out some treats. It is hard for her not being able to carve pumpkins this year and not being able dress up for treat or tricking. She wishes next year, she can carve extra more pumpkins and have more candies to eat!

This week, I have been working lots hand-quilting on these penny patchwork pieces. I have a small stack still need to work on yet, so I still can't share the complete work with you.  Hand-quilting allows me to slow down the fast process that I, sometimes do!  It gives me new thoughts about handmade and process in them. It is always satisfy when handmade work take a little extra attention to detail and little extra care in them.  I heart hand-quilting!  The imperfectness gives extra hand touch to it!

This coming Monday is the last hospital visit! Doctor will be happy that I am recovery speedy and feel good! It feels great that I can handle myself again! Weekending at 1/4" mark home is cozy and lots sweets! and yours?



  1. So glad you have healed fast and are feeling well. It does indeed sound cosy with you. No doubt it will be cosy here once I am back from watching football matches! There are gale force winds forecast - the type that rip out trees, so I shall be very happy to be home I think. Hope you enjoy the rest of the weekend Chase.

  2. Your hand quilting always looks so wonderful. Glad you are feeling better!

  3. What is the fall weather like where you live? Is it cold? It looks like you are making progress on your gand quilting projects. I am glad you are healing and hopefully will get a good report from the doctor. S is at the age where she is going to grow before your eyes. So many changes in store for all of you.

  4. Dear Chase, I am really so glad that you are feeling better! And that you are still busy :) Your work in progress looks really very nice. As usual :) Have a great time and great greetings to Stella!

  5. I'm really glad that you are healing and feeling better to go out in adventures with S. I love the fabric of your Tova and your quilting is gorgeous as always. XX

  6. Glad you are back and recovery so fast , Chase ... we had a very wet Halloween day here in Midwest ; not many kids coming for treats ; and now I end up looking at bunch of KitKat ; Snicker ..
    Anyway, your block always make me droll ... Lol


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