Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Fall days

{THANK YOU} for all the well wishes! I am doing so much better!! The week has been going much faster and the sewing machine has been turning on and off from time to time. I have doctor's permission to take solid food now and able to have some nice tea during the early afternoon.  It is nice! You know, I have a sweet tooth and it has been hard not being able to have much sweets.  It also was hard for S that our tea time was not offering. 

I am grateful to have my family around us, so I can go take care of myself while they are around! S is a great helper as always! She was so busy last week while I lay down for a quick rest. She made Lucky a new bone and another bone for her pup friend. It is fun to watch them chasing the bone from place to place. Lucky doesn't think that's S' bone anymore! That's his! We like to tease Lucky for being a furry bowl! His hair is growing so much thicker and boy that makes him sometimes looks alike a cat.  We had to find him when he hid himself in our blanket since he is an off while pup.

This Fall weather is gorgeous in southern Taiwan!! I don't remember when was the last time we spent the fall year.. 6 years ago? The wind blows in from the screened door and the warm sunshine makes us really cozy and relaxing! Naps, yes.. I am a bit spoiled by that lately!  If you ever thinking of traveling here; come in October! You'll find lots Fall seasonal fruit and comfortable weather to be out and about!

I have been sewing small items for my growing up niece; a small {patchwork pouch} and {a set of tissue pouches}. This is actually the first time I sewn for her. She is coming later this afternoon and will hand the gifts to her. When the machine is on during the weekdays, I have been working on simple patchwork.  These are 1.5"x1.5" cut squares. I make 6"x6" of them and started hand quilting during the resting time. There are a sort of reds, blues, and yellows... and please allow me to tease you all for the project that I am making..  Hope I will have all the hand quilting finish this weekend then start assembling on the machine.

S is happy that mama is getting better, so she can play games on mama and make her laugh so hard.  Her hugs has been wonderful and of course Lucky's kisses are sweet, too! Little by little this recovery has been great! I set a small goal each day for the improvement and small goal of getting some sewing or other errands done. The  {shop}is recently updated with new handmade items. 

{THANK YOU} from bottom of my heart to have so many of you stop by and leave me messages! I haven't get back to any of you, but I will! It is my goal for the week. 



  1. Glad to hear you are feeling better Chase! Will continue to pray for your recovery =) Glad you are around family during this time!

  2. So glad you're getting better and that you're managing to have some rest. Make sure you keep taking it easy, and letting people look after you. It does sound as though you are in the right place, with family all around. Hope you have a good week, and that you improve day by day Chase.

  3. I'm glad that you are doing well, Chase .. wish all the best for you dear *dooh, your quilts is so pretty - love the color combinations....

  4. lovely patchwork - glad you are doing better

  5. Wonderful to hear you're feeling better, Chase. All that pretty patchwork is a sure sign of your recovery! :o) So lovely. Sending hugs to you and S...

  6. Great to hear you are on the mend Chase, but also great that you are respecting your recovery process and are not trying to do too much too quickly! Kids hugs and kisses are great healers xxx

  7. Hugs to you and Stella! Happy you are doing so well

  8. glad you are feeling better. I hope it was nothing serious


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