Thursday, February 4, 2016



When you were:

I had no idea you were munching dog food when I saw you sat by E.T.( the pup) I bet the food was tasty, but they got all clean out. Sorry, you were so mad at me that I took off the food from you.

You never had terrible two! The first time you flew and moved back to states. You crawled up your little body and slept most of the time. You hold on to my fingers and helped out with luggages after we landed!

You started to understand what's going on in daycare! Made a few little friends there! You told Julie, my mommy is so cute when everyone else was bragging how beautiful their mommies are.

You learned to write your name. All the writing stokes were like flying geese, but I think that's the best hand-writing ever!

You graduated from Pre-school and I made first dress for you. It is red and muslin. Thank goodness it fits you and perhaps I could have sized down a bit to fit better. *And I made S the first birthday quilt!

Six -
We moved away from Iowa!  It was a heart breaking summer for both of us! You couldn't say Goodbye to Julie because you didn't want to make me cry. I knew it was hard for you moving somewhere that we both unknown about.

Life in N.D. started settled in and that summer we went visit our family. You begged so hard to adopted a pup. Oh, I never wanted to say Yes! But you begged grandma once more and of course grandma said she will take care of mommy for you! We got Lucky home that first weekend after we landed. Did you know he was named Lily first, but when S found out is a he, she changed the name.

First time you put on glasses! I had no idea you had such trouble seeing from the school board until the school nurse called! It was such a shocking news to me that day!

First time, we traveled like a backpacker in Japan! I read Konji and you read in English! We visited so many tourist points and ate so many local food. Although we always have had different idea about dinner options.

You probably had terrible Ten instead of terrible two. I felt very struggled and tough for this whole year! We went on different directions and angry at each other for small things, so much arguments and anger talks? Oh, this is a awful ten!

Something changed between that ten and eleven gaps? You became more observing and understanding the changes in life. It might had been the trip we took that summer.  We travelled like a backpacker again. This time, you were my leader and I followed you along! We still disagreed about dinner options. You asked me if you could go to a Japanese 7-11 right around the hotel kitty corner, I said I'll think about it. Then I let you went,  I wondered how you did in the hotel room!  You came bag with a full bag of food and even extra sweets.

I know this is going to be a great year! You will be more independent on your own for sure. You will probably less need me in little things and more about friendships. I know I will be slightly jealous about that, but I will be here for you!

The day has been all about this little celebration! I make sure there are Twelve balloons this time, as last time were on short. Then a quick stop to the cupcakery to pick up cupcakes then home making the little garland for the cake.

All the birthday cards have been found this morning. There are 12 of them this year! It has been a fun tradition in our family. I hope this birthday tradition will keep on...

S has requested her favorite dinner dishes from me. I have gotten all the ingredients this morning after gave her a ride to school. It has been just the kind of the day is all about S! I might not make a single stitch today, but you know I gotta make it a nice first day of being Twelve!