Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Patchwork News

** chive box on the left   ** Turnip cake on the right!

 ** Left to right  # 39 Grandma #40 Grandmother

 Left to right #30 Em

After you quickly scroll down pictures, you might want to close the page or maybe stay with me a little longer!

Have I been determined? Or shall I called it stubborn?  As of yesterday, I catch up all 42 Farmer's Wife 1920 Sampler Blocks! And today I made additional blocks, Hope and Iris, so I am forwarding the quilt along now{yay}!  I can't really explain the challenging of making 2, 3, 4 blocks some of the days and sometimes none for few days because I was so really unhappy that I am not allow to start anything new because I said so.  Pushing to get this project up-to-date, really is one of top list on 2016, but after a few weeks, I think I was stubborn for that! I also was determined using only Denyse Schmidt Fabric collections only! I think this decision is called stubborn after block number 10. I have had troubles to balance out and give nice contrast of the colors on some blocks!

That was the time, I made none blocks! I was thinking about getting {this} then it was between need or want? Then I decided not to make the purchase. Simply I knew I will not use it much then why invest it?  I had to say, it is good that I cool off the anxiety before click on the check out button.
I went through each print carefully then you can see that I rely on {Hope Vally}, {Chicopee}, and some {Hadley} collections a lot. And of course some other less contrast prints from individual collection.

Em block has the most piecing so far and sure part of that stubborn me was in, so when it was finished, I didn't make any more blocks for next 40 hours. I was so satisfied, so I rewarded myself making {these} blocks!

Grandma and Grandmother are two very special blocks for me! I used the prints that reminded of grandma.  I remember she always wore busy floral shirt and paired with wide elastic type of black/ dark brown pants. You might not know, but she was a Farmer's wife and lived very little of everything when the kids where so little. With eight children and a house that had no electricity back then; she done a great job for all that!  

When I got to block 23 Charlotte, I decided to take the first long break. I was craving for {turnip cake} and {chive box}. These are the food that easily can be found at home, but I had to make them myself.  I took a half day off to the international market. Have you visit one? I tried to stop by once a month. Likely to get some vegetables and fruits. Sometimes, I pick up meat from the meat department there. I enjoy spend time there; that's the the place I could hear multiple languages. I always peek in the spice aisle, but never buy anything. I always curious about the spices from other countries! Sometimes, I tried to bring different vegetable home. Likely I am the one ended up finish it! Oh, I think I am still quiet brave of trying out food!

Then I always, always, always bought more grocery from the list, but it is hard not to pick up a bag of Vietnamese mixed coffee, rice crackers, and extra cooking ingredients when I was there.

Most of the {Turnip cake} I had so far, never content turnip. It is actually made from {daikon}. I got four smallish daikon home that day then they were chop into long fine strips. Then I got a back of rice flour to added in, ground pork, dried mushroom. I put them in the rounded cake pans and put one at the time into the {electric cookware} that dad got me last summer when I was home. I believed 99.99% family back home has one! I think it is alike a slow cook here.  The cook time is 90 minutes and each cake takes about 180 minutes. While waiting the cake in the cookware, I started making chive box stuffing. Oh! This is the probably the most local small eat that you can find in my hometown. I was pretty lucky that day that they have fresh chive in the store, got dried tofe, rice noodles, some ground pork. The preparation of these took two hours then I mixed the seasoning from my memory, less or more!  All these ingredients went into a bowl and needed refrigerated a good afternoon to let the seasoning does its job. Then I started making the dough.... Um, we were all well fed that day!

The following week, I drove cross town to visit my friend and shared half of that with her. We had really great time because we haven't seen each other,  since last Thanksgiving. It was so nice that we spoke in our own language and had coffee and more cake she made!

After all that resting and great time! I was back to making the blocks with fresh mind and fresher ideas! I really think most of the blocks turned out better than just started! It was no surprised that so many blues and yellows are being used and so little warmer colors. I added the newest DS collection, {Eastham} last week. This collection reminded me so much of the Hope Vally and the texture is slightly different from the others as well! This collection blended really well with the last two collections, too.

Other patchwork news, I started hand-quilting on the mysmallworld mini quilt.  It will take awhile to finish, but has been a great side project. I also finished up the {Farmer's Wife 1930 quilt} top piecing! This quilt along was started August 201l and took me almost 5 years to put the top together!  Unlike other backing prints I ordered, I went for more something simple this time and have already added the quilt label on. The plan is get it hand-basted tomorrow then roll up on the hand-quilt frame! I am still deciding the quilting pattern. It might be simple, I hope!

I would like to apologized that I never get to post {Moon Pouch} preview! I never get my head down to write it up because my stubbornness and honest, so honestly I didn't have my mind on the writing! You might not know, but it takes longer time for me to write then talk. I would like to say {Thank You} for those of you who have checked out the {Moon Pouch}. I will have the preview post up over the weekend as I plan to write it up after this blog post! Maybe after dinner/dish/Lucky time tonight! promised!