Thursday, November 19, 2015


It was raining for a good 4 days here! It was wet and cool, not quiet cold! We had so much rice, soup and more rice and soup. The sun finally arrived this morning, but baby it is cold outside! The north wind isn't my favorite wind this time of the year. It seems just unkind to blow on faces! I forgot to send a pair of mittens and a hat with S on her way out to bus stop this morning. I think she will carry a pair of pinkish cheek home this afternoon, oh well! She probably will tell me, I am fine!

It has been that time of the year that I am trying to catch up lots little things, such as making carmel corns, party mix, more cinnamon rolls, bread and more treats. Sending out little care packages to my friends and catch up birthday gifts making.  My next to make list cake is Pound Cake! I just got the recipe in the inbox yesterday from a dear dear friend who I called her V-mom! She was my first English teacher when I arrived in the states. V-mom and I have keep in touch ever since then, almost 20 years? When I was a student, she always made a pound cake for student's birthday! It is my favorite cake and S'. Last couple years, she has been shipping half of the cake for my birthday and half to her boy who is in college.  That half cake never least more than one day! Yeah, it is that good! I am anxious to make one soon! Oh, maybe this time we could have it for two days instead {laugh}!

After sorting through the studio the next project I took was sorting through the scrap fabrics. They have been mostly sorted through. For the pieces that's less than 2" wide, I cut them into 1.5"x1/.5" squares then for pieces that's slight larger than 3 or about. I cut them into 2.5"x2.5" squares. The {scrappy stamp quilt} project has been going for a couple of years now. Now, the container should have enough squares for two Full size quilts.  Then for the 2.5"x2.5", I have been thinking make them into a throw size quilt, but still need quiet a bit more scraps to add on. It feels great to get this long await project accomplished! Another step forward, perhaps!

Finally I made myself a new {patchwork jojo pouch}. It has been a very long time that I made myself something! I can't tell you how much I love this roomy pouch! This new pouch is for writing pens, //only//, which finally separated from the sewing pens and other little things that I tucked in there. Of course, I had to make one for Fifi aka my sista! I have show her the patchwork pieces a few nights ago before put the pouch together! I think she is liking it so far! She is probably the person who next to S gets most of whatever I made; can't have rejections because I always tell her, it is for you! She tells me what she would like for the next one and I try to incorporate her ideas in. One year, she asked for a 12" wide zippered pouch, but I made her a 14" wide; the idea I got from her was the bigger the better! Indeed 14" was even better than the 12" {giggled}!

I have been thinking about this {book} for myself! I am quiet ready to sew up a few garments for myself. Sadly, no more mom made clothes for S. I am guessing it is the age thing? She is just not so much into handmade clothes in last two years. I secretly hope that when this adolescence years go by it will change a bit!  Meanwhile, I will be using some of the yardage prints I have saved for S for myself now!

Slowly, I have finished some patchwork pouches and will soon be ready to list in the {shop}! They are the most popular size pouch, which comes 8"x6", mostly. I am excited to introduce them to you soon! I'll post a shop update news with you when I have them ready.

Meanwhile, I will be sewing and waiting an oversea care package from Fifi. She told me that she custom order a gift for me last week. Um, I tried to ask her, what is it? She said, "Just wait and see"!  I guessed maybe a stack of fabrics? She replied, " Don't you know that You have more than enough"! Oh, so, I am guessing it won't be something that I am thinking.

so what is it?



  1. You'll have to let us know, what the surprise is, when you get it! Love your little mini quilt and those cute, cute mini outfits. Beautiful pouches!

  2. Thank you for sharing once again Chase. How lovely and heartfelt and just plain good of a post on your blog that you do. It has been a pleasure to follow you and listen to you make your history. You have passed on many inspiring ideas and lovely thoughts to us all. Thank you for you! You are a lovely sweet lady and your path has been good to follow.


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