Monday, November 23, 2015

Beginning of this winter

Indeed this was my first  cup of coffee in three days and it happened at 3p.m. this Monday afternoon. What am I thinking? I am so craving this bitter and warm drink. It keeps me quite awake sometimes. Last week, my left hand was pretty soapy and I happened grabbed the French Press glass with it; OOPS! That was the only word I said! then this were what S said, What did you do? why you did that? I was quiet sorry that I broke the glass because I think I said the similar sentences to S in the past! What did you do? why you did that? Yeah, these repeats in the family, I think?!

The first snow arrived last Friday late afternoon! Everyone is so ready for this, including me! It felt something was missing looking out from the studio window as all the autumn leaves are mostly gone by now. My across street new neighbor hung up a big smiley snowman in front of the door. I think I might need to find something sweet to do this year, or maybe I will pass again.

This mid-morning, I headed my way out to the lake alone without my little chatter box. She was probably in her PE class at that time. I took my trustworthy camera, a tripod, and the semi-mystery quilt with me and went in this still quiet chilly morning. However, the weather outlook is so beautiful to make it a photo day as I put on my coat, hat, scarf, and mittens.

After arrived the lake, I walked a good distance to find the right spot for the quilt. One thing that I didn't prepare well was didn't put on my snow boots. Oh, the feet were quite wet and cold as I walked in the grass that covered with the snow.  brrrr....

The quilt got so  wet and dirty now! After came home I put it in the washer and ready for the second wash. This is actually one of my favorite part to do with the quilts; wash them, dry them, and use them; repeats! I have been thinking about this quilt and thinking what would be a best way to write up the post. It is a quiet heartfelt story to begin with and sometimes, I wondered!

This past weekend, our friends moved away. They left a house plant for us to take care! It seems very familiar for what I have been done in the past when we moved away. I sent all our house plants to friends who we believed love all the greens and are great green thumbs! Now, I hope they live through this winter! Once a week watering, that's what Sue said!

Then coming home with the heavy plant and lots in mind, sad actually! I stay up in the studio for a few hours; putting some thoughts down and some little notes to self. My hands were busy again, but quiet slow this time! My right hand wrist has been hurting me quiet awhile now. I am still stubborn not making appointment to the doctor and hope it will recover soon. Maybe another week or two?? I am still going strong about going with cold/hot pad during the day. It is so hard to avoid using my right hand then this made me wish I am a ambidextrous person (smile)! I plan on take it easy from all lifting and possible limit cooking for next few days! I hope it recovers like magic sometimes, I do!

I'll have more needle-books and pin-cushions for you in next couple of weeks! This will be the last batch I am making and listing them in the {shop}! There are around 30 sets or less. I intend to keep one for myself as I need one more book to keep all the new needles that I inquired lately.  I love making these little books, hand-quilting them throughout the piece, carefully putting hardwares on them and seeing them going to someone loves and supports my works {Thank you}. However, it seems it is time for me to move on! Soon, I will be no longer selling my hand-quiltling items. It will be pop-up event in the future or by made to order only. If you see something that you love, crab them before they gone; no more repeats!

Tomorrow, all new scrappy zakka style zippered pouches will be listed in the shop. I will post a shop announcement post for that. I have four set of needle-book just finished last week, one set is made from Library London fabric and it is probably the most soft set to quilt through.

Almost dinner time for us! I'll be digging in this blog to find the original post for the quilt. Hope'll find it tonight!

Stay warm if you get some snow!
Stay cool if you get some heatwave!



  1. Love your photos and comments. I would love to know what you are doing with the limes cut so thin? I have a lime tree in the back yard and I have only juiced them and dried the zest. Would love another idea. Are you drying them, maybe for tea??
    I am the one who wrote you and asked questions on your thoughts and colors in Stella's birthday quilt. I am collecting fabrics at the moment and will go to a nearby Joann's this Saturday as quilting fabric is 60 or 70 percent off. I hope there are fabrics I can add to my pile. Thanks for writing me back on the quilt. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.
    Montie Kelsey
    I am anxious to see what you do next.

    1. Hello! Montie, The lime slices are something I learned from my sister this summer. She sliced them so thinly and freezes them individually. She puts one slice of lime in the glass jar then fill with warm water then drink it in the morning. It suppose to be good for you! I have been doing it since then and quiet like the lime water to start off the day! I am looking forward to see your quilt. It takes a bit time to collect the fabrics, but you'll find quiet rewarding at the end! Have a great Holiday! Chase x

    2. glad to know what all those limes slice for, so.. since you need to freezes them individually, do you need put a slice of paper between ? I would love to try this one .. its sound healthy drink, I suppose

    3. What I have been doing with the slices is once I sliced them, I lay them on the baking sheet, but make sure you got a piece of parchment paper lined inside of the baking sheet! So it won't stick to the pan. then put in the freeze for a good 2 hours then you can take them off individually. It is easy to store this way. So, you don't need to line papers between each lime slices. Am I explain this good?

  2. always, always love to read your story , Chase .. and the pictures .. it's always wonderful. Keep yourself warm, my dear .. and the book will arrive soon.. so sorry I didn't have a chance to put anything else but since I rush.. rush ... :) but will send you something else latter.. xo


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