Saturday, February 7, 2015

Patchwork delight!

The patchwork delight title should be patchwork delight and with a oopsy! 

I know, lots tiny squares going on and more to come! These hand-quilting pieces are just nice to have around. I can make a few stitches between this and that. Yesterday, as a day off from work. I was able to spend a great afternoon with a cup of tea and enjoy the hand-quilting time. By 7p.m. I had all the 5 pieces done and it felt so great.  Since the assembling part will not take too long to finish up I though I'd have Miss Maggie's patchwork coat done in no time.

Then each patchwork piece got traced with the pattern used erase water marks on then I  sewn the baste line around the marking lines; quickly I cut off the patterns as it is getting close to the end.... Then there's a big SCREAMING! OH MY GOODNESS!! Little did I know I should know better!!!! The right side of the front coat needed to be reversed! I always done that! I always forget to reverse the pattern! Then I tried to fix the right side coat with the crazy idea of patch on more pieces.. it didn't work 't. So I will rework on the right panel of the patchwork coat with a bit self-talking!! It should be good if I start the patchworking tonight and work on the hand-quilting tomorrow. Maybe I will have a patchwork coat to show you next week?

fingers crossed!



  1. Oh, Chase! It is beautiful, and I feel your pain! Fingers crossed!

  2. This dress is so cute <3 !
    Don't worry ! Next time you will remember :))

  3. This is so so darling ~ looking forward to the finished coat! So inspiring!

  4. its so pretty, miss maggy is the lucky one :)) her dress is so pretty, and the choice of fabrics is so 'you' - its like your trademark ... beautiful

  5. now, this must be the most adorable little coat EVER!!!

  6. This looks like it should be hangin on a wall as an art piece - beautiful!

  7. I feel your frustration, I have made similar mistakes. The te wasted fixing it or re-sewing is so frustrating. Nice to be in good company with this.

  8. Chase, it looks very nice! I always like your hand quilting. So perfect and the result is great. I can´t wait to see the finished coat :)
    Have a nice time


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