Thursday, February 12, 2015

Cloth Lover !

 {Kumiko Fujita:Rainbow text prints}

 {Lecien: basic dots}

 { Love Osaka}

 {Sugar Flower}

 {Personal 1st stash from 2006}

 {DS collections}

{Feedsack Fabrics}

Are you cloth lovers? I think 99.999999999999% who visit here, are!  I hope you'll like this post today. I have been wanting to challenge myself to write this post for a very long time! I hope at the end you can share your two cents with us!

I have stashes that have been sitting around for a very long time. When I finally have my own studio space last summer, I realized my stashes are very big! I will never compared to other people, but to myself! It has been growing and will continue to grow! I really don't want to fill the shifts, but the empty space is getting less month after month.

Recently years, I've getting into different idea about colors, patterns and designs on the cloth. Each year seem more simplify and clearly knowing what really I would repeat using the same print from project to project. So lately, I narrow down to a few thoughts on my notebook and I'd love to share with you!

Do you go with designer only? 
I do! I have almost all the Denyse Schmidt fabrics and continue to purchase her fabric line as she releases! I love the retro and classic colors that she uses. Of course, all the stories behind her each fabric lines is really attache to me. The charm and the colors always plays well with other fabrics as well. However, I rarely use them!  I am so afraid one day I will run out! So the true is I used to purchase a full yard bundle and plus a fat quarter bundle. The fat quarter bundle is to play with and the full yard bundle is to keep!I called myself the royal fan!

Do you get peer pressure when you buy fabric? 
Oh! I am not really  actully a peer pressure buyer! Although,  I don't really have friends to sew with or shop with, but I have many Instagram friends would show their stashes when they have acquired new stash  I always ask questions when they share their new stash. Maybe simple question like do you like the new line? how's the color? how's the cloth texture?  When I see the same fabrics flowing around everyone's photo. I start do a little research on the colors and the designs then I would go ahead purchase some prints.

What kind of fabric attract to you?
If you ask me a few years earlier, I'd say anything Denyse Schmidt. I probably didn't realized what fabric designs and colors that I am attached to until 3 years ago. I was getting fabric that think I must have at the time. I wasn't a picky buyer! Now, I am attracted to fabrics that have nice contrast in colors and simple designs. Since the earlier stashes that I purchased likely are in large prints. It is hard to do the fussy cuts, play with paper-piecing and hard to see the nice design of the fabric when the face got cut in half.

Do you buy a full line fabric anymore? 
Yes! But not always! It is hard to keep the fabric budget when try to buy the full line of fabric. If you have noticed that the fabric price has gone up so much in last few years. When I first started I paid $7.25 a yard and now it is $11.25 in retail store or you could find some online store for $10.50 or $10.75 a yard. But the true is, it will not stop me getting new fabrics! I look at getting new fabric as investment to my works. I always need new colors in the stashes and there will always be one of the colors that I have been looking for. I don't remember when was the last time purchased the full line of fabric, but have eyeing on few collections that recently released. I really like a few fabric shops out there that are selling fat eighth bundles, fat quarter bundles. I could get a taste of the fabric line before invested big money into something that might not work later. There's always more "want" than "need"!

Where do you buy fabric? 
99% of the stashes I have is purchased are from online shops. Yes! There are many oopys purchases! There are time when I received the fabric is not what I thought from the listing descriptions or the cut is funny! Sometime the half yard is cut in 17"wide rather than 18" wide or the fabric isn't being handle nicely! Likely I step away that shop. I've always wish I could live in a city that runs many great fabric shops. The  only time I could shop in an actual fabric store is when I travel during the summer! I always make a stop or two in the local fabric store and just get a fat quarter; sometimes, I could get a few prints if the store carries great collections. I do wish to build the stash in the shop rather than in the computer monitor.

Is it worth to collect feedsack? 
It is a very hard question to answer! I say Yes to cloth lovers who likes vintage look and uniqueness. Feedsack fabric is hard to come by these days. The price is very high if you purchase from some online shops! I have been very lucky, since I lived in many small towns and was able to discovered feedsack in the thrift stores from time to time!  I also have friends who are feedsack lover as well and they live around the world. They often kindly share their treasure with me and it helps to build the collection. Feedsack fabric do carry its own distinct colors and patterns that the reprint fabrics cannot mimic. They also have nice textures and the history that come with it.

Do you like the fabric world now?
Yes more than No! I like the how each designer come with their own personal collections and expended their concept into the next collections. I also like being able to have options!  Recent years, mix and match is very popular! I love to see everyone's mix and match in their quilts, bags, patchwork, clothes. I think that's where the personal creative start! The No part would be; Gosh! I can never catch up with so many great prints! Again there's always more "want than need". I try to be careful with all the new fabric shopping! It is easy to go on hundred of dollars if not careful planned!

What's your fabric shopping cart looks like?
I have a few shopping carts that fill with fabrics that I "want"! However, there are more window shopping than actually purchasing now. It is nice to be able to see all the want fabric together!This year, I try to be a picky shopper when purchase fabrics now! I have been going with more basic designs, small scale prints, and colors that I have almost none such as oranges, purples, browns, greens. I even have add a few charm packs to the shopping cart and thinking maybe I could start with a charm pack and to see the colors and texture in person before inquire the large bundle, so I won't feel bad if I purchased the full bundle and wasn't quiet the same.

Last, Do you like Japanese fabrics? 
Yes! I do! Some of the Japanese fabrics come with very rich colors. I can't stop tell you how much I love Suzuko Koseiki's collections. I love the finest fabric texture that she uses in her fabric.  If you have noticed that many American designers have used Japanese fabric printing company to print their fabric collections! Yes, the quality is great and I like how all the fiber woven has not flaws in them so far! It seems like some of the Japanese fabric price has marked higher than other fabrics. It is roughly $4-4.5 a fat quarter ( Also could seen some are priced at $5.00, but I have seen $3 a fat quarter 30's reproduction in the retail shop. However, I am not encouraging or discouraging on the fabric consuming. I really think it should work on best of your personal need! Sometimes, a little "want!

And you?



  1. What a great idea for a post Chase! I really enjoyed reading it.

  2. Nice photos with your fabrics! Love ))
    İnteresting questions and answers :)

  3. You do have a lovely selection of fabric. I didn't realize that your feedsack fabrics were really from authentic sources. I would be concerned that the fabric wouldn't hold up as well as new fabrics. I buy a lot lot of fabric--but must say I have changed what I buy. While I am always attracted to large, colorful accent fabrics I have learned more and more that they are difficult to use. Now I try to buy more fabrics that are in shades of one color rather than multiple colors. As well, I like to buy linen, linen blends, and Liberty cotton.
    I also have a fair selection of solids.
    Thanks for your great post--it is great to have you back posting and posting.

  4. Wow what stash, I have only in the last 2 years fallen in love with DS, I am now saving them for something special. Love her new range too.

  5. gosh ... what a collections !!!! :)) my question is, how you stack your collection ? any tips ? since I saw in your picture, that you put randomly not base on color..

  6. Thank you for the 'peek' behind the scenes of your fabric purchasing! I never thought that it would happen but, just the other day, I told my son that I have 'too much fabric'! I have finally gotten to the point where I need to stop buying fabric and start sewing and sewing and sewing with it.
    Do you save your scraps? How do you store them? This would make an interesting post, if you do. My scraps are overflowing their containers and never seem to go away...

  7. YouR stash is beautiful. I have way too much fabric and will never use it all. I usually buy full FQR bundle is a line I like and as you know I am a Denyse Fabric lover too

  8. I love seeing fabric stashes and yours is very inspiring, Chase. I'm in awe of your DS stash and have always admired your eye for great fabrics. Now I know more about how you gather your wonderful fabrics! ;o)

    A wonderful post that would be fun to see other's answers to (you've already got me thinking about how I would answer your questions concerning my fabric buying habits and tastes). I had to smile to read about you have online carts with "want" fabrics in them and that you do more window shopping than buying - which is just like me! LOL It may be crazy, but I never tire of looking at fabrics and love having a stash to play with.

    Keep up the beautiful work you create, Chase and thanks so much for sharing a peek at your stash.

  9. Wow! What a post, this is one of the best post I ever read on clothes. all the designs you have mentioned are outstanding . I love them all .
    I am a big cloth lover, and your detailed article making me more crazy about them... hhahahah..
    Well must say great post!Thanks for sharing.


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