Thursday, August 7, 2014

Postcard # 3


The space that we've spent most of our day time lately: the sewing loft aka {quarter inch mark studio}! It is rather cozy here! Small space, but we love how everything spreads out! Not all the fabrics are in the shelves, since it ran out of the space already! I've been sewing for last few days; a few hours a day to get my motivation back and get used to the new space! The sewing table sits the opposite from the window, but will be move to the window side to get more light source.  Oh, yes.. a little tour of this space in the future is a must! It is perfect in many ways for me. I love how I am able see most of the fabric at once and not need to open every boxes to find the "one"! In the sunny hot days, the window blind covers the room well. I don't need to worry about the fabric much! Still lots to work on and yes! I love to show you the table that we've been using for the dining space! It is gorgeous and perfect for us! We love to find a few more chairs in case we have any company swing by!   Until then, we'll stay busy and shall return this space soon!

west des moines, Iowa



  1. You have squeezed a lot of fabric into that space! I hope you are both settling into your new home nicely! xxx

  2. how wonderful. Enjoy your new sewing space. Looking forward to seeing all the gorgeous creations you make in your new sewing loft.

  3. Looks like a lovely sewing space and great shelves for your fabric!


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