Thursday, August 28, 2014

Late summer

Summer is so close to the end and the early Fall seems approaching in "south" Iowa! ( S and I called it south, since this is the most south part of the country that we've lived so far). Early morning is getting cooler, but not the crisp air type. Trees are turning yellow, but thank goodness grasses are still green!

I have been gathering myself together better lately! Participated in a few art events in local galleries and met some local folks, which has been wonderful to get connected with the new community! The phone has been buzzing busy lately! Making music tryout lesson arrangements for S and we slow to find the good fit teacher (Can you hear me *sign* ?)! Lots traveling around the city for us, which we are not quite used to still and I had a little butterfly the other day when we were getting on highway during the traffic hours, but this mama is handling it well so far!

Our home is slowly looking "settle" in! The artworks still need to be hang on the wall and I almost think I should paint the walls this Fall instead of next summer! Then there are few new ideas about how our living room space could improve, rearrange the furniture and make it more access for living?  So on! I do love the large living room floor where I could lay the quilts on and play around the layouts! If you followed me on IG aka quarterinchmark. You probably have found that I've working on S' 10th birthday quilt and you know what? It is getting closed to be a quilt top!

I still am learning the natural lights in our new house! It is interesting how the light shifts and changes between the space! We love our dining space so much; where we open the door and let the fresh air in most of the day! It is also the space where S does her school work and we catch up our day when she gets home.

The studio setting has been fabulous! Finally I am not moving anything around for a week and spend most of the daytime sewing! Yes! Trying new patterns, new fabric colors combination and working on the new zakka handmade for the shop! Lately, I looked deep through into the fabric stash and decided let go some stashes! The limited studio space doesn't allow more storage space for fabric and other supplies and some of the fabric just have been patted and saved! Some of the prints were bought for making S outfits, but she needs more yardages than I planned from the last year, so I decided to let go these prints go as well! I've hosted it under inchmark_destash on IG if any of you are interested!

We've drinking from the mason jars again! It is really home for us, causal and simple!  Our plants are slowly growing and it would be great that if we can find a jade plant again! It is my favorite plant ever when we were in ND.  We need few more greens in the house to bring more green energy! Do you have any good suggestions for indoor plants?

With the long weekend that's coming up here in the states. I will be working up in the studio and making short trips around the city! Yes, library trip is a must!



  1. Pothos are super easy to grow and depending on the light are either dark green or lime green. You can trim them and root them in water and start new plants too.
    Glad you are settling in!

  2. Love these photos. You always have such a beautiful mix of prints and colors in your projects, Chase!

  3. Looks like you are making your new home very cozy and homey. Looks lovely.

  4. wow, what a lovely story :) and off course the pictures are so beautiful ... I love your studio, its so warm and inviting.. do you need help to fold your fabrics ? I will love to touch those beautiful fabrics collections you have..
    Have a wonderful long weekend dear , ..

  5. Looks like your new space is lovely!!! SO many gorgeous handmade quilts and things around the house! YOUR fabrics are always just perfect!!! They must have a Lowe's or Home Depot near you...they usually carry a large selection of plants and succulents! I bet you could find a jade plant there :) Cant wait to see Stella's new 10 year old quilt!! XXXOOO


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