Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Random: w.i.p.

The house is completed quiet! The exception of  fans are kicking, summer crickets are singing by the window and my computer keyboard is making clicking sounds as I type. The busy little person is in bed early tonight and sounded in sleep now!  During the summer, I get a good 4 hours quiet time each night finish up my tasks then headed to bed for a good night sleep. If you have seen the post up early in the day that means I have sat in the chair by the crickets singing window writing the posts during the late night hours. My friend, Julie calls me a night owl. I always laugh at that. When she heard me talking that I gone to bed at 2 a.m. in the morning and left few hours sleep she thinks I am a little too busy.  I found late night working is more productive compared during the day time. I like to be left out and not needed to talk much when I am working. Just the clunking sound from the sewing machine and the conversation from the movie.  I do some self talking as well.. do you?

I couldn't resist the idea of using up my scraps lately. I am trying hard to find different projects to work and combine ideas of simple and easy to make. Thank you for letting me know Christmas in July isn't too early. I began a little holiday sewing here already. Mom has requested a smallish pouch and my sister needs a pencil case, a makeup case, and a bag for her yoga class.  Don't you just love getting these requests from the families?  Whenever I made something and if S loves it, she likely would spin herself around me all day long and keeps telling me how pretty the tote is or how nice the bucket is.  I love this little follower of mine and you all as well!  I am working with linen again and found a nice way to work with it. I try not to stretch much out when I cut or sew. It does get stretch when I pull too hard. A nice way to do is give a gental iron press before you give you measurement cut. It has been helping me out with last few projects.

More scraps were being cut earlier today. I paired these prints with linen and I think they are nice match to each other.

Besides raspberry tea, I also love fresh raspberries on my ice cream. 

This is a new print that I bring home last week. The blue in the back ground just right for me.

When we went to the woodshop last week I made the tool box. It is a little heavier than I like. I used 2/3 inch thick scraps wood that I had from my studio. There are only two compartments for this tool boxes. I did all the cuts and assembling, but it is still pretty rough since I have not get the chance to sand it down and stain it.   It is really a nice smallish tool box for all the sewing supplies.  I might try to make another one for fat quarters.

Thank you all for the sweet comments on the {patchwork buckets} and well wish to my eye. My right eye is all better today. I got some eye drops which have been helping out and relief some pinch pain and itchiness. I think I will do another normal glasses day to make sure everything is ok.

enjoy your day



  1. Hi Chase! Lovely post! I love your small squares (as I just enjoyed working with them too) and wonderful patches with great colours! We used to work very late with our restaurants, so my clock has changed and we don't sleep early. Best time ti sew is late evening - no one interrupts - so relaxing. I'm lucky to have the dogs and I pretend that I speak to them.
    Rasberries ... how I miss them from Finland!
    I like very much also wooden works and your tool box is so good! x Teje

  2. Hi Chase, I really like the small squares. I just made a mug rug with small squares and I think I want to make more. I really like the idea of the wooden toolbox.


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