Sunday, July 1, 2012

Random: Weekending

Our second short trip was to the berry farm. It was an hour drive to berry farm and we got lost twice. The farm is far away from the center of the town and lots country road drive, but we made it! I can't describe the Strawberry patches. We were not able to see the end of the patches. We hop around each patch and just thrilled to discover berries under the leaves. The sun was harsh during the noon hours even though we got our hats and lotion on, but still got sunburn. I told S it is the healthy marks that we bring home!

These berries are small, but very sweet!! The real strawberry taste in them and juice. We bough some crackers and fruit with us, so we could have a picnic afterwards. The lunch was great and we got some ice cream there as well. The fabulous time went way faster than we like. Slowly we head back home and didn't get lost this time.

Aren't these fabric scraps amazing? I came home with two packages in my mail box.  This package is from Jackie aka {choleandme}. She send me these amazing scraps to play with! I went through each piece and have so many new ideas about these  fabulous fabric.  Thank you, Jackie!

The second Package is from Karen aka{kpeachey}. Aren't these fabric sweet?? I plan on  making a top with the floral print by Lecine. It is super soft and super super lovely!!  The two kitchen prints are going to be save up with some other kitchen theme fabrics that I slowly building up. I would like to make a nice quilt that would fit well to our kitchen table!  Thank you, Karen!

You might wondered how many strawberry we got. We bough home 14 pounds of strawberry. It is for two jam receipts. Total of 16 half pint jars. S kept go back and put one in her mouth. mmm... Our home still smells sweet..... very sweet

Getting up in early morning and started the first preparing process: gave each berry a good clean shower and nice cold bath and quick ran to the store got all the canning jars. While the first batch of berry on the stove, I sat on the yellow bench chair and slow sipped my morning coffee. S was excited and got her hands clean and wanted to be the helper of the day!

 It has been a great summer seeing her wanted to be involved with cooking, sewing, and cleaning home together.  She meshed berries with care and of course saved some fresh juice in the jar to award herself. 

Careful written jam labels and added extra fancy to the labels with her drawing and the Y in the cursive way.. As she reminded me how labels in the stores are extra fancy, so we shall have some extra fancy in our labels, mama..

 Helped put labels on each jar and ready to share with friends. She has a long list of friends that she reminded me to share. I think we've got plenty for everyone.

While S was waiting her jam to be ready. She was reading her book on the little stool next to the stove and peeked the pot every other minute. Her only question was, can I taste it? She would got out a spoon from the freezer and sample the jam.  It was our first jam making. I am nervous.. still...   I crossed my fingers and hope they are not so bad! We will open our first jar tomorrow morning. Hope it turns out good...

Meanwhile, I finished the hexagon paper piecing and basted it. Few more editing for the tutorial I am also anxious to turn on the sewing machine again, since it has been in break for a week now! Our next trip won't be coming up in another few weeks. I will be able to stay home and sew again which I miss.   .. please check back tomorrow. I have a tutorial for you..



  1. I usually find that the little strawberries have the best taste! Great fabrics - lucky you! Those Little House books are a familiar site around my house this summer with both my girls reading them.

  2. Hi!! I`s a great thing to do with kids!! Fresh, fresh strawberries from the fields.......And makeing jam afterwards. Love your labels!! My soon 25 year old daughter was just 6 days old the first time we went to a rasberry farm with her. I was so afraid to miss those berries. It`s a good memorie!! AnneK:-)

  3. I love your site and I thank you for coming and joining my blog but it for some reason sent you to one that I tried to start. Please join me at as it's my blog with new blogs I done. thank you as I really want to keep up with your site as you have some awesome blogs. I have to make beets and can greens this week.

  4. Yay! I'm looking forward to the tutorial!! I love making strawberry jam. So yummy!!


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