Sunday, January 2, 2022


Hi friends, how have you been? 

It has been almost two years away from this space and I know a little catch up would be nice. We moved and it was hard! We moved the weekend after the lock down announcement from the state and it took a lot more time than we expected to close on the house.  First things were packed nicely then when we finally had a verbal closing date set up, we shoveled what we can into boxes and cars. Our closing was delayed for over 3 weeks, so we ended up stayed in the apartment for the time.  It took us 5 days and 5 trips each day with two cars to move. It was overwhelmed, but it was done! 

It took us a few months to get used to the new home and location.  There were few minor issues after moved in; leaking, power outage and little bits and bobs.  I was not motivated enough to do the unpacking for awhile, just had few basic utensils and pots and pans out for what we need. The living room was the new storage room. We unpacked a few boxes a week to get by what we need.  It was difficult at the time to shop for any what we need furniture, so we left as it is till last summer (can you believe we are in 2022 now).  Of course slowly, the house is putting together and imaging there are still boxes sitting in the basement to be unpacked. I knew one day I'll get to them.  

We are finally, settled and feeling content in our new home (almost two years)! It feels so great waking up in a place that we can called home and no need to tip toe walking in the early morning. We are so spoiled now that we can getting laundry done in few steps away.  We didn't have positive experience when we lived in the apartment in Queens, but we knew at the time was temporary. 

Best of all is that we started gardening. We built the raised garden beds and were able to eat from the what we grew till late in the fall and was able to harvest lots and share with others. Last summer, we expended the garden to the backyard, so we can grow some more varieties. The backyard and the garden still have a lot work to be done, but we already seeing the the improvement that we made and not to mentioned the endless summer hydrangeas that i planted two summers ago. I am thankful and grateful for what our home brings us.

When things slowly opened up in last summer, we were able to purchase a few things, finally a couch for the basement family room and book cases for S' room.  We made a comfy family room in the basement where we can enjoy movie nights and when S' friends came over to hang out, they kids have a place to be loud and enjoy their moments.  

The studio boxes ( fabric, tools, and books) were moved into the smallest room in the house. I claimed the room as "studio" before anyone speak for.  Even though it is the smallest room in the house, but I love it! I love it is being small and I can have fun to arrange it. I waited to arrange the room last and took a long time to set it up. It was emotional actually, there is finally a space for all the goodies. Last year ( this past December), I finally have some "me" time in the studio and rearrange here and there and hand up few mini quilts on the wall.  You might not know that I am actually not in the studio much nowadays. I don't sew at nights anymore.  After a long day looking up screens at work and reading all the messages, treatment plans and coordinators all the things together. Coming home sewing is not relaxing for my eyes,  they get so sore and just need less "focus" time.  I slowly give myself some time here and there on the off days or weekends then fully immerse myself in the patchwork making,  it is such rewarding time for me and makes me happy!  I am slowly making myself back to patchwork making as life is in busiest moment now for me. 

My S is applying for colleges and some acceptance letters start coming in. She is heading to college this Fall and yes, there's some moments for me, but I knew it is coming and I am holding it well. I wanted her to grow and be more independent.  This will be her big decision to make and I am fully support on that. S is turning 18 next month (yes, I know. when did and how did it happen?). Moving to New York was not a great move for her, she went through a lot of changes and we were glad she pulled it out and slowly back to her track again! She made new friends and still the same child that who loves to read and create. After the first two years moved to New York, I believe; time and love will give life a second opportunity. All I do is be patience and listen. 

Many of you know that we have a new family member, he is a 16 months Golden Retriever. S named him Seven. He is super cute and full of energy. We love him to pieces and of course he loves to chew everything and ate a lot of socks up till this day. Every morning,  mama and Seven get a nice walk at 6:30a.m. and another walk later in the day. Seven loves to play balls and doesn't love much hugs and hate rainy days.  His kisses is a little too much sometimes, but we know that is how he shows his love affection. Of course, mama made  a lot of bandanas for Seven to wear and he chewed up many of them.  It is a lot of fun to watch him grow from a little puppy to now a 88 pounds big dog, but they say Golden Retriever is always puppy in mind.  Mama's next project for Seven is making a patchwork coat for him and it will not be happening this winter, maybe next winter. 

This past two years went by so quick, almost like flash cards. I do miss the old days where I can create all day long and just be in my little space making, but with all the responsibilities in reality, I need to take a step back here.  Thank you for sending me messages and getting in touch.  I will come back again.. 

until then.. be safe! 




  1. I cannot believe S is old enough to go to college. What a lovely post you have written here. The house is wonderful and Seven looks so healthy and healed. You will appreciate him in September. Many thanks for the post Chase.

  2. Glad to see you back on blog. Love to see your beautiful hand quilting. Last two years were strange for many. Sending you a hug.

  3. Life does keep us busy. Glad to hear a little catching up. Love your quilt ladder. Enjoy Seven. He'll keep you on your toes.

  4. I am glad you're back on Blogging again, Chase. Love to read your blog post. All the best for S! My son is also going to college this fall and I can totally relate to you. And those pillows are beautiful.

  5. oh chase, what a glorious surprise to see you on my screen this morning. delightful. thank you for the update on your life along with "S" and puppy, seven. how the time goes by in this virus infested time. you are a breath of fresh air and thank you for letting us know about you. please come back again dear lady. keep well, stay safe and enjoy each day. (-:

  6. So good to see a post from you again. Life is always changing and moving on. Looking forward to seeing your sewing pieces, always so lovely and beautiful.

  7. Glad to hear from you again--and that life is going well. I remember when my first went off to college--such a surprise, as you said so well. Glad you have a garden and a studio. Hugs from Southern California.

  8. Очень красиво! Спасибо! Возвращайтесь! ;)


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