Monday, May 2, 2016

Random: Seeing the beauty

It has been raining for two full weeks and finally the sky is clear and feels cool this morning. The light comes in quiet early now, maybe 6a.m. or 6:15a.m. I never know what time it is when I awake, it has always been before the alarm,  I lay in bed, just wait for the  first alarm goes on at 6a.m. then it gets turn off then there comes another one 15 minutes later. It repeated 7 days a week for awhile, but I got really good at mute all the devices on Friday nights before weekends arrive! But,  you know I wake up before dim light shine in the window. I bet it was before 6a.m. 

It is so rare that I made the two cheese cakes in a row. The first one was a rhubarb cheese cake and has been shared with Staci when she was here helping us getting things ready. I never know that rhubarb is edible and tried it raw maybe almost 15 years ago. My facial expression might had been a really bad one then my friend brought the sugar out and telling me how tasty it is dip the raw rhubarb with sugar. Of course, rhubarb has never appear in our grocery list. Up till we lived in ND, I had rhubarb and strawberry crisp from a party. It totally made rhubarb a new definition to me; yum! After that I always get them from Jen's backyard while still in ND and after that was always from some other friend's backyard.

The super chocolate cheese cake is requested by S. It is super sweet and super chocolatey! I have made few notes in the book; no sugar added for the crust, no extra chocolate chips added to the batter and half of what's call for the chocolate chips for the top.  I started worry who will be the one finished this cheese cake, don't think that would be me this time!

I debated if I should show you what were the original condition for the Five drawer storage and the four drawer cabinet or the refinished ones. So, let's wait for the original in last, shall we?  In our last weekend away trip, I had a little time to stop by the thrift store number one in town. I found some vintage sheets, but no hesitation walk away from them even I think they called my name at once  twice. Then I check into the dishes section and almost bought home a set of 20 plates and has some really nice vintage blue and white motifs on, but they stay.  Turning my head over the other side, I saw these two cabins, so pretty, but needs a lot of  a ton of work. S asked me why do you need new furniture when we are moving? She was so right! I patted these two storages then was thinking, New handles? New stain and new look?, they will be so pretty, but...! We walk out the store with  empty hands! Shorty after I turned the first corner around the gas station stop then made second turn the back to the store number one.

These two pieces are so beatuiful after sanding. Yes, hours after hours sanding, but worth every bit of the time and effort. The five drawer piece needed so much work; added new plywood piece for backing and a wood bar nail in for the bottom to stand nicely, the wobbly sides need to fix up and used half bottle of the wood glue to seal up the gaps. I am guessing, it was once sitting in the water for a long period of time. For the front drawer faces used cheery stain and the body is used with Gel Stain in Cabernet. The handles are purchased in the craft store and had 50% off that day. Can you guess how much I paid for this piece?

The second piece needed a new plywood backing, as it might had been punched by some hard objects in the back. Other than that every bit of this piece is perfect in condition. I keep the original handles as it is so pretty. Only thing I did for the handles was put them hot soapy water for 2 hours. Used Gel Stain in Cabernet for the entire piece and lightly sanded (#220 sand paper) between coats ( made three coats for a dark outlook) finish up with clear stain for both piece, buff up the piece with cotton cloth. I am guessing  wood wax would be better approach to maintain the pieces.  Can you guess how much I paid for this piece?

I heart vintage furniture! It has a bit of its history and was treasured by someone in the past then it is my turn to take care of them!  I'd love to find an old table; a farm table would be perfect and some stools! Wish me good lucks! 

Getting all the things ahead is the the day/week/ month goal now! But I failed sending mother's card this year again! Ma will receiving the card late again! It often feels quiet guilty not be able to post it ahead of the time for her, but we'll buzz her early that morning! Another list crossed off!

These two are my little {kin-cha-ku}. These two are the very first version before the modifications. I travelled with them a lot and though you might like to see them! I always have little bit of this and that in there. Likely sewing tools and devices outlets. I like how soft they are after these years of traveling around with me and the hand quilting still stay strong for me.  Mr. Rock  paper piece pattern is a free download pattern {here}. It was the second attempt to design a paper piecing pattern a few years ago.

And just like all of us, maybe you as well! These are the fabric pull for S' 12th birthday quilt! I waited the a few prints to arrive and making sure this is what she has been thinking; a very simple and calm quilt, but very Stella Joy look! So,  I am up for that challenge from her {smile}!

A few more blocks for the Glitter quilt were made last week. I have been thinking going with the bottom row of colors scheme, but  can't really decided on that! Maybe after few more cups of coffee and play a few more blocks?

Last! What you think? Five dollars for the left and two dollars for the right!
The total cost; priceless! 

{Thank You} again and again! Your words and all have been appreciated and made into my heart big and small! I will try to write back soon this time! Meanwhile, I will be getting little things organized around here, so I am keeping all calm and positive! 



  1. Wow., what a difference in the way the chests look! You did a wonderful job. I confess, I would have passed them by! I love all your sewing and fabrics.

    1. It surely is the type of might need to pass on thrift store found! But the structures are both good, needed lots work! I had to purchased a hand saw to cut the plywood, but worth every little bits! cheers!

  2. It looks like you must have spent a lot of time sanding and staining those dressers! How rewarding for you!

    I'm looking forward to making a strawberry rhubarb pie! Your cheesecake looks yummy!

    Your glitter quilt is going to be gorgeous!

    I can't wait to see the quilt you make for S.

    1. Thanks, Kim! Strawberry rhubarb pie sounds delicious! I might need to look into that! We seem like cooler desserts for the summer/spring season and craving for pies in the winter/fall time! Loving all the options out there for our sweet tooth! :) cheers!

  3. wow.. that is so impressive, your hardwork on those dressers are payoff ..both looks so gorgeous. I don't blame on you at all by taking all those even you are in the middle of moving process LOL - so worth it.


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