Tuesday, September 8, 2015

On the other hand...

Over this weekend, I used up 14 yards of fabric for two quilt backings!  One is closed to a queen and the other one is a large full size quilt. I had lots great time making backing this time. S' quilt is basted with hundreds of safety pins and will be put on the machine soon. I will get so impatient by the time I am half way through the machine quilting, but I know if I hold on the speed and timing it will be a good one! And you know what? The cat was out of bag for this semi-secrete; the quilt! S is loving every bit of it, but still patiently waiting it to be done! I so forward this annually accomplishment of mine! Feel quiet special about this one of a kind gift!

While I am so ready for everything bit of this gift... I have a little incident on my right eye yesterday morning. It is not just pink, but still RED!  It stinks and a bit of sort as I blink...

Allow me to keep this post short and sweet... as I had promise to come back soon.



  1. Sounds like a bad case of Pink Eye. Get Polysporin for EYES, not the other stuff. The pharmacist can give you some advice.
    Very contagious--don't let Stella use the same hand towel.
    Can't wait to see the finished quilt. Is the backing Heather Ross fabric?

  2. Yup "pink eye" very nasty, extremely contagious. Wash hands often and keep surfaces disinfected...toss out all make-up that could be infected.. Gosh, hope you get medicine for it and it goes away soon. I love, love, love the backing material...beautiful.


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