Friday, November 21, 2014

Warming up! /update!

Fabrics/ Apple Cake/ New plant

We are warming up here! I am back to finish up this post in the morning! It has been awhile to stay up late and trying to finish up writings. My brain wants a break before 10p.m. now! If I try to push it hard, then I always end up erase all the writing and wanted to rewrite again, but chances are I deleted them again.

This week has been busy for us! A new schedule, a new job, and trying to set up a new routine! Did I tell you that I am comfortable on Freeway now? I do drive slower than other vehicles and try to keep bubble space between cars in front of us! The new challenge driving on Freeway lately has been driving in dark and get into the crowd traffic on our way home from downtown.  It feels like venturing in the dark forest and S often comment from the back of the seat; Mommy, the cars are flashing by so fast! Are you slowing down? I replied, Yes.. I am only going on 45 now! Ok! take your time, mom! ....

As you see we have added a little more holiday into the house. S' little tree was up over last weekending, my tin collections and a little bit of this and that. The next sewing for the holiday is the new stockings. S has her color picked out and I am still between blue and brown; maybe one of each? Then new garlands would be nice to add to the house and new ornaments sewing would be great! All the holiday bits do bring some warmth into the house and some coziness! Oh, the tree will be up this weekending and we both are excited!

The oven has been utilized more than just baking pizza lately! Yesterday morning, I pulled out flour, sugar, cinnamon, brown sugar, eggs, and used up the last two Gala apples for the apple cake! The house smelled so great with all the cinnamon and sugar, but I waited for my little companion to return home from school! We both had two slices before dinner time and it is so great!  We ended up having a late dinner and wrapped up our day late as well. Oh, the cake making has just started, the next one is banana bread pudding.  It calls for day-old french bread or sourdough bread which is unlike the regular cake batter. Oh, yes! I'll be sharing this soon!

Lately I have damaged a few more plants here! It seems like they don't like the way I placed them. Some are doing fine and others just turned brown and looked so sad! I have always though I'd grow an indoor herb garden, but never have great success on that!  I am giving it another try this winter again! Hope they will do better till next spring/summer comes! Do you grow any herb indoor? I love to hear what you do to keep them happy and healthy!

{Thank You so much} for Stella's quilt! She was tickled with many belated birthday wishes! She does love all that kind and generous mention on the comments and emails you send. She often feel special from that and so do I!

Have a great weekending that's coming ahead of you! We'll be cozy up here and making lists for our holiday baking soon!



  1. Wonderful pics, Chase!!! Have a great time! :) Jola

  2. You make your home so lovely for you and S! I am so happy for you that you aren't living out of boxes or living with half your stuff!

  3. Your home looks so cozy and warm. And the cake you made looks delicious.
    I'm afraid to drive on the freeway, too. I have to drive in crowded freeway everyday. It takes time but the more you do it the more comfortable you will feel.

  4. Hi Chase, congrats on your new job .. hope you like it. Your home is look so warm and ready for Christmas .. by the way, free way in St.Louis is about 60miles/hours - I hope you not get scare when I say that :)))) Have a nice weekend you two ...

  5. Chase, that Apple cake look so good! I wish I had a few Christmas decorations up, but I haven't dug out the boxes yet. Your mantle looks so festive!

    I hate to drive on the freeway, too. It gives me great anxiety to even think about it, lucky for me I live in a small town, surrounded by small towns so I don't have to do it.

    Can't wait to see your new stockings! Have a great day!


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