Friday, June 3, 2016

aren't we so beautiful?!

Going through every tins, boxes, envelopes, and bags in the studio might have been the best packing job that I have had. Discovering letters, cards from friends over the years and drawings made by S ; from scraps paper or little craft art pieces that she made with me when she was a toddler. That somewhat are so beautiful to see again and thank goodness that was the first time, I feel great about being a hoarder of anything!

I love the ironing board she made me when she was 4! Somehow objects are bigger and wider at that age; more colorful and free in style! There are also a couple of letters that I found; she used to spelled "when" as "wen" and I also reread the great story that she wrote back then it was about four goggly monsters facing a crocodile and yes a drawing was in the back of the story. I have promised her not to share here, so do apologize not being able to share more.  As I read out loud the story, she was so shy to hear what she has written in back, when she was so little, she said!  Well, I am guessing it is the age that she is turning into. I shall keep them till when she is old enough and ready to have a good smile and laugh with me someday!

The container is full with handmade gifts from the corners of the world that over the years. I love have them displayed in the studio place, actually some of them were in a vintage sewing drawer and a some in a little doll house that hung on the wall. I like how they came to me with same patchwork loving that friends and I shared!  The container contains with lots friendships that extended to me and the encouragements within.  Thank you for all the beautiful friendships!

After sorting through the studio, I gather a box full of fabrics, notions, and patterns to my friend who lives cross-town. After gave her a few sewing lessons, I think she is ready to be on her own and to start some patchworking. We made a few tote bags together and lessons on how to adjust sewing machine stitch lengths, how to properly thread the machine and how to attach zippers. We also went for fabric shopping and now she knows that she actually could get 1/8" cut in the store, no need to purchase a full yard for each print! I hope she will enjoy that box full of fabrics I sent her home with.  That is a three-cheers for a new sewer and new maker!

I still busy most of the day, but still trying to find time to finish last bit of everything. The scrappy log cabin mini took a few days, but it is bounded and pile up with other minis in the room.  I ran upstair and downstair quiet frequently; bring full boxes down and bring empty boxes up. Now, the studio is almost empty and the last shelve was taken down a few days ago. So that means I still stay downstair making stitches as I can! There are not much self time that fits into the day now. When I have some moments to myself likely early mornings before all the daily schedule starts and when the downstair is only occupied by me! Little by little I got most of the stitches made for the mini, however few larger scale pieces will take longer time to accomplish now! Oh, summer projects?

Do you remember your 6th grade? Did you have a gradation? Growing up I have had three formal graduations. We wore school uniforms and stood up for the awards and handshake with the school principle, it was a big big deal as a child. I remembered when I graduated from elementary school we wore "the graduate pin"  and walked around the campus for the last time and farewell to teachers and peers. We sang the graduation song and cried! Oh, yes! Pink eyes, pink nose and pink face and lots tissues! I tried to find time to prepared  little gifts for S as she finished her 6th grade last week and actually wanted to make the exact pin for her, but the time was running short for me. So, I used wool felt and made her number 1 pin and took some memorable photos to keep for someday when we look back together! I secretly that she might or will remember this afternoon we spent together; put the pin up and unwrapped the gifts!

Wrapping up the last bit of things is challenging, but there are still few orders to make before turning the machine off and packing supplies away, few thank-you gifts to make for the music teachers and a house warming gift to prepare and a trip to make within all. The last day for checking out handmade items from the {shop} is June 11th. After June 11th, all handmade items will be discontinued!  Thank you being such beautiful supporters and readers to this space that means much much to me!



  1. Packing up a box for your new sewing friend is so very thoughtful. I think its so exciting to teach someone how to sew and you will be able to see what she creates from your gift. We should all do this more often!

  2. I hope you keep blogging. I love seeing what you are sewing and cooking. Safe travels! Rcoyle at olemiss dot edu.

  3. my oh my .. that room looks so empty now, I love to see the picture of your room when the sunshine flashed through the window and gave a light on what ever you put on the table even adding beautiful colors on the fabric back than .. I wish the best for you in the next journey and hope you back on your sewing and more and more craft moment to come..

  4. What a beautiful nostalgic post. Loved all the pictures and the memories.

  5. Chase - safe journey. When you are settled and ready, please consider to keep blogging - I love to see what you are making - you are such an inspiration.