Sunday, November 29, 2015

between times...

This time of the year is particular quiet for us! The icy-rain made extra cool and home is the a cozy and fussy place to be. All the photos are gloomy-ish and no sunny lights for days! Our mama and baby trees are up over the weekending! I always and have been thinking to make a tree skirt, but it hasn't been happening for last 10 years, so let's say! It is alright to just use a cloth and be random!

I learned a new term in baking; sweet milk= whole milk. Likely it happens in old recipes; back then people distinguish it from buttermilk by adding sweet to the milk. The pound cake turned out really delicious! We can't stop eating it; one thin slice after another thinner slice then after another possible a bite slice. So, it only took us a half day to devour the half cake! I had extra cup of coffee each day and bed time was past mid-night! oh dear..

The bread turned out soft this time and last time was a bit dry if you ask me! I added sesame seeds on some of them and they are mostly gone by now as we shared half of the little rolls with our friends. Oh, yes they are "rolls", but a oops action during the slicing dough part. I guess they look a bit like steam buns {smile}. It is so much nicer to make our bread again! I, thankful to a trustworthy oven now!

We accompanied a small roasted chicken {5 pound}; some salt, fresh ground black pepper then give it a nice rub; bake in 450 degree for 45 mins., some meshed potatoes, sweet corn { is this mid-western thing?},  and broccoli salad. Oh, no casseroles and stuffing dishes around here! I am not very good and just don't know what or which to make. The pie didn't make it to the table this time, as my right wrist hand still bothers me. I think we'll save it for the later year.

After dinner, I deboned all the chicken and put them in the big pot added a whole onion head with skin {wash/ sliced in half}, few celery sticks, a big carrot, cut into chunks {with skin/wash} then simmer it for a good 4 hours; at the mid-point I always make sure it boil to the high then turn it down again. This is the best chicken broth that I could get; homemade! I always let the broth cool off before put them in the clear containers then let them sat in the clear container over night on the kitchen counter, freeze them the next morning. I don't add more salt and pepper at all, since the deboned chicken has a bit of leftover flavoring.

While waiting for the broth simmering, I am up in the studio slowly hand-quilting my way through the hours here. There are not quite 30 sets of the needle books after I counted again. But these are turning out so nice! I made a few color sets that's different than what I usual do and it is quiet nice to see them being quilted. The extra texture highlight some of the prints.

I took some good holiday sales over the weekend. The very much needed bigger sweatshirts, snow boots, gloves for S. It is getting harder to find clothes for her as she is between the big girl, L and the lady, s.  I went ahead and ordered the lady M for her. I jumped one size ahead as I think she will be like growing grass over this winter; grow another few inches in no time! I still very much not like shopping for clothing! Sometimes, it is headache for me!

For me, I ordered this {print} for the dress that's on the book cover. These cotton chambray dobbies prints are very soft and so pretty in person as I have touched and seen them this summer. Then few Kona solid prints were check out as well! I am quiet excited about all the basic prints this time. That's all for me! I wasn't feeling greedy or ambitious getting all the prints that I have in my notebook as I think I was try to downsize what I have {giggle}!

My mind is pretty full lately with the quilt that I want to share with you soon and the story that I want to share and more! Everything is full in my head and heart! I still am working on that writing! Someday, I have wished I am a good writer, especially these days!



  1. Hi Chase - I always enjoy reading your posts. I am very interested to hear about sewing with the patterns in this book and to see the finished dress - beatiful fabric choice.

  2. Your writing is just fine Chase. It is you. We all have our own style and are recognized for it. As you for yours. But aiming for improving is always good. As long as you don't drive yourself crazy over it (-: Thank you for sharing once again. I do look forward to your posts and learning of your life and inspirations. We are blessed with your presence here.

  3. Everything looks lovely, as always. It looks like you bought the Japanese dress book you were wanting--good for you. The fabric choice looks like it will be perfect. Hawthorne threads is such a great online shop. It seems that these books never make it to public libraries.
    The hand-quilted patch work looks lovely.
    Keep it coming. I always enjoy hearing about your life and projects.

  4. Oh Chase, it's so great to read so many wonderful posts. I love them so much. They always make me wish I could stop by and have some tea and watch you stitch (or stitch with you!). Or maybe, just drink in your beautiful fabrics. Thank you!!

  5. Love your getting a personal letter in the mail from you!❤☺❤. I'm always inspired by your cooking and sewing! I'm looking forward to seeing your dress, the fabric you chose looks great!

  6. Love your getting a personal letter in the mail from you!❤☺❤. I'm always inspired by your cooking and sewing! I'm looking forward to seeing your dress, the fabric you chose looks great!

  7. Beautiful post as usual. Looks like you have been so busy...I like the little trees. I also think that cake looks delicious, as do the rolls! I can hardly wait to see your completed dress...I like the fabric choice.