Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Have you heard?

This post  fabric provided by {Westwood acres liberty lawn club} 

Have you heard about the {Give me Liberty Club Inspiration Blog Hop} kick off today? Amanda from {Westwood Acres Fabric} is sharing her sewing tips with Liberty Tana Lawn fabric on her {blog} today.

Beginning of the February, I received an email invitation from Amanda to join the {Give me Liberty Club Inspiration Blog Hop}. Amanda has a few options on the fabric cuts, I decided went with small cuts, but more print options of Liberty Lawn fabric. I recevied a great range hand- picked 40 fat sixteenths from Amanda. You think what can you do with fat sixteenths { 9"x11"}? Oh! You are going to be surprised that you actually can do a lot with these small cut fabrics! It is perfect for patchworking and perfect for small projects {Another patchwork dress for Maggie?}

So you might wandered what is Liberty Tana Lawn fabric?
As I was browsing the web and found a very nice written post by {The Vintage Traveler}. Within this post, the author gave a in-depth overview of the history and Liberty Lawn.  I particular like the softness and the colors that Liberty Lawn uses. The liberty colors are unique and has nice color definition on each prints. The texture is so soft and perfect for hand-sewing. Not to mentioned that they have some lovely collection from the classic children stories and Hello Kitty prints. Here is the {clip} that you can watch how they produce their fabric in their factory.

Westwood Acres Fabric has a wonderful {Libery Tana Lawn Bundle Club}. It is a great way to start a small collection of Liberty Tana Lawn and a way to add some special cloth into stash!

With all the 40 prints that I received did you know what colors or prints I went with? It was a hard decision to start with. I have a tutorial all ready for you on this coming Friday. Meanwhile, please check out the other bloggers who participated in this Blog Hop

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  1. aah.. what a nice to know what we can do with that small size of cut fabric, I really can't wait for Friday. I know liberty fabrics are pretty fabrics, but why must be so expensive for my pocket ? :(

  2. I cant wait to see what you come up with Chase!!!! I have a small stack of 5 in. square of Liberty:) It is SO lovely....Its just been waiting patiently for me to turn it into something pretty...Or, I should say Prettier!!!! Because...Liberty is pretty just sitting on a shelf, getting a little pat on the head from time to time:)))