Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The Spring outfit!

Oh, I can't tell you how sweet this little spring outfit is in person! Now, I wish an adult size for myself. I even lined the dress and hand-stitch the neckline, sleeves lines. Maggie is designed by {Alicia Paulson}. I've followed her blog for many years; her mimi and I have the same birthday, only I am so much older than mimi! When Alicia has {Maggie} available in her store, I had to have one. At the time, I lived in N.D. as you might remember Maggie {as a sewing kit} traveled with me from place to place/countries then finally I made her in 2013 winter. She is very special to me! Maybe because Maggie is  the very first softie I made. 

I've always wanted to make a little patchwork dress for her and you know when you have two days off from work. That's the best time to do so! I started the patchwork piecing late yesterday afternoon and continued this morning. I skyped with Fifi and asked her about the sleeves option. She recommend with one piece cloth.  The dress is lined with Oxford cloth, which is super soft and lovely to work with.  Since the sleeves ends are so small to fit to the sewing machine. I hand-stitched them and also the neckline.   Guys! It is super adorable! I want one now! 

There's a set of blue and green patchwork ready for hand-quilting. Yes! I am making a spring patchwork coat for Maggie!  Oh, I really can't wait to get that going tonight! 

If you have not heard. Elnora and her friends have been hosting the #scrappylobcabinQAL over Instagram. There are already so many lovely photos and lovely quilts put together! It really take no time to make one! I have my stripes cut into 1.25", so I could have smallish blocks.  This is such a nice side project for me while I am working on the birthday quilt. 

Until then I will be working on the spring coat and little bit more chat next time! Something that I have been wanting to write for so long! 


update: I just wanted to wave to the fellow new readers from Taiwan! Hello! 台灣的朋友你們好! 我是台灣,台南人! :) 


  1. Maggie is adorable and her dress is just the sweetest! Well done!
    Hugs from Russia,

  2. Maggie is so sweet and her new patchwork dress is wonderful!

  3. I love this SO MUCH. how darling! I must make one. Adorable

  4. That dress is so cute! I have the Maggie rabbit pattern as well, but haven't put her together. This has inspired me to do so. Thank you so much!

  5. She is SO sweet!!! LOVE her new dress!!! I made Maggie Rabbit, and also Juniper Kitty for Sofia last year! Such a wonderful kit! I am LOVING your scappy log cabin QAL! Its going to be such a lovely quilt top!