Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Sew update!

My {sew tiny} pieces have transformed into zippered pouches. The wonky star pouches have been shipped last week. After my first attempt quilting on linen in the wider spacing {1" wide}, I wasn't satisfy with the outcome. So, I decided to leave these patchwork un-quilt.  The simplicity look of them really shine the wonky stars and the linen that I used was purchased in Japan last summer. It was 4 meters long from the prepackage. It has been so nice to work with; especially the texture is soft and allow to create natural look for the patchwork pieces.

The second {sew tiny} pouch is smaller. The front and back has eight different patchwork sewing blocks. The pouch finished in 5.5"x5.5" and lined with 100% Japanese cotton fabric! This zippered pouch has added to the my {Etsy Shop}. Sold 

These simple one piece cloth zippered pouches were made before our move for a craft show.  I was so surprised that customers prefer the patchwork style of pouches than the one piece cloth. These pouches were made in simple cut design then added the leather for the embellishment to give the pouch a bit more personality. I have a few didn't get to bring home with and have add to the {Studio Sale} with a 20% off in the {Etsy Shop}.




  1. These are so cute, Chase. Can you explain how you sew over the metal zipper. I have a bunch of those but always seem to break needles trying to put them in my pouches. :)