Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Spring colors

Things are looking really good here! I mean, really well! Thank you for all the well wishes! I am feeling 100% and no side effects.  In case you seen someone dress in a green coat with a hood and a little American Flag brooch, that's me! I am celebrating one year anniversary of the citizenship today! When I mentioned to S last night, she was surprised has it been a year? We are having some fun dinner tonight; the unusual dinner menu, hot dog, chips, soda, pickles and 10 questions from the citizenship test as our dinner game. Would you like to join the mini party here? Please do!

Spring isn't look so colorful outdoor yet, but it has been much colorful in our space as I pulled out some fabric and green plants are greener and fresher with extra warm sunlights during the day. I've wished to open the windows and doors to let the fresh air in, but our furnace still set at 60 degrees; maybe in a month we can do that!

There are many sketch times here for me and I love to share a bit of these with you. It is interesting to see how we change as we move from place to place. We meet new people and encounter old friends. Some friendship continues and some friendship fade away. There are new challenges for S being in her "old" school, but yet new for her when we return last year. I thankful I could spend more time with her and regroup her when she gets home from school. I listen to her frustrations and hug her hard, really hard. I started to write simple card notes to her with little sketches on; colorful and a little dreamy kind; like we used to do. I mail the card to her in the postal mail, so she can get mail during the week.  It is special moment for her to get cards in the mail, since she always says, I never get letters in the mail.  Indeed she has been lately and that puts some smiles on her face and feel quite special in many ways.

I am still procrastinating on the {single girl quilt} background fabric. I seem a bit  indecisive this time  and just not very settle with the background prints and the arrangement of the quilt. It probably has been a very tough decision lately for me to take next move on the cutting and sorting the fabrics.  I might go ahead and order the background fabric, so I can see it in person then make final mind.  Sometimes, it works out for me, but sometimes, I know I end up feeling the other way around.

There are few linen and cotton blended fabric that were picked up when we were oversea. I am ready to use them for some sewing. I do have an obsession of collection linen and cotton blended prints. They make nice one piece pouch cuts and the weight of the fabric is nice on many sewing projects.

The studio is getting more organized here! I have finished few more needle books for the {shop} and will add them to the shop later the week and few pouches for the shop as well. Between times, I have written and finished a sewing pattern;  S, aka studio assistant also have been working very hard here with me during the weekending time. Meanwhile, we both look forward spring break {the end of the week}, lots movies to rent from the library, books to read, and posts to write and share~



  1. Glad that things are going well. You are such good mama to S. Great idea about sending her mail that you sketched for her. You two have a great rest of the week!

  2. Adore the card you made for S!
    Lovely to mail it to her!
    Love having all your photos to gaze at too!

  3. Oh my, can't believe already 1 year celebration ? Though I just read the story that you drove to get citizenship yesterday ... wow, time is really flies ... Have a wonderful days, you two ... its getting warmer here... (for a week only LOL )

  4. Chase, that card for Stella is beautiful, Have you thought about fabric design??

  5. that's a lot of beautiful goodies, Chase. Would you mind telling me where you got that Pokemon fabric from? My kids would love it.